Monday, September 12, 2011

Who "Decorates Dallas"....episode 2

Well, it wasn't a joke after all!
Donna Decorates Dallas aired with another episode Saturday night on HGTV.  Have you picked your chin up off the floor yet!  I'm still working on it!

This episode centered on the Campbell family (he's a pro golfer, and I think she is a "recording artist").  They wanted to redo their living room "Donna-style"!  

What's that you ask?  Here's a pic of a living room vignette in her store, That's Haute! decorated by Donna (found on her store's FB page)

She also used a pair of these peacocks along with a gigantic pair of angel wings (Yes, that's what I said!)

Her craft project for this episode was a blinged out mirror for her granddaughter's bedroom, similar to this one, only in pink!!

What little girl wouldn't love this!!

OK, so you can make up your own mind about Donna's decorating style, but my rebuttal post following each episode of Donna Decorates Dallas, will include the work of some of Dallas Design experts who really do decorate Dallas.

Jan Showers is nationally known for her sophisticated yet livable design style.  This is how you do zebra!

Or this from EJ Interiors, aka Emily Johnson from Material Girls blog.

More beautiful living rooms from Dallas Designers.

Elaine Williamson

Gary Riggs

Laura Lee Clark

DID Interiors

Joanie Wyll 

OK....I'll throw in one of mine!

Sally J. Designs


  1. Sally, so funny. That gosh! Talk about faux/bling/leopard/feather/gilding overload. Thanks for straightening things out!

  2. I missed it but I heard about it from another blogger. Oh my!!!! I am so glad you are showing TRUE Dallas design. What in the world are the producers at HGTV thinking, maybe they are going to jump on the reality show bandwagon with Jersey shore!!!

  3. I am so embarrassed!!I live in the same town as the house in the first episode and down the street from Donna's shop. What really hurts is I see this "hobby lobby old world castle" style all over THIS town....please people stop already before my head explodes.:o)

  4. Holy Cow Sally I saw the show last night and today my eyes are still burning. Thanks for putting out the fire with those super gorgeous rooms - especially the Sally J!

  5. I agree, my Mom who lives in North Carolina asked me about this show. I told her I could not watch the episode, I watched the first one and almost wept. I do not think it shows an accurate portrait of anything in Dallas, I don't think the first house was even in Dallas.
    I agree with the comment above, my eyes are still burning.
    Thank you showing the rest of your readers what real Dallas decorators do for their clients.

  6. All beautiful examples of tasteful design. HGTV really is doing designers a disservice since people are now assuming this is what they will get and probably not calling a designer. I felt the same way about Millionaire Decorators. I guess decorating for "real people" is just too boring for tv.

  7. Oh my gosh that was AWFUL decorating on Donna's part... wow.....

  8. Wow. I haven't watched the show, but from reading this, that's all i have to say! I'll take Jan Showers any day!

  9. What catches my eyes is the chandeliers. More lamps like this at Murano Chandeliers. Chandeliers is always the center of attention in an interior.

  10. I saw the second episode with my husband...we laughed all the way through it! The only thing I could think of is that they are trying to play off the new Southfork TV show...What is HGTV thinking???

  11. Oh Gosh, I just saw this post. I live in Houston and I have to say the Old World HObby Lobby look is everywhere. It's awful, cheap and shows no taste. Oh well

  12. I was really trying to be PC in my review...but I'm with you...she needs to read a few design magazines so she can see that "times have changed"....!!!

  13. You WERE being PC in your review. Oh my. I've not seen the show, but those photos are ..... hmm.....interesting. I've wondered for years what to call that look that unfortunately I do see. Old World Hobby Lobby. A thank you to one of your readers for putting a name to this "style"!

  14. wow, you people really ripped donna a new one! ok so hobby lobby is pretty close, she does mean well n i do get a kick outta the show, can't believe how many people were laughing, i personally like spanish colonial but not cheap accessories and not too cludderd, still people watch and make up thier minds.

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  17. I loved watching all of her shows and got a lot of decorating tips from her. You do not have to use them all and I admit that she can be over the top. You can take bits and pieces from each show/room and apply them to your home.


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