Thursday, September 30, 2010

Looking UP

I was thinking about chandeliers this morning....ok ....not your normal thoughts over coffee....but I was thinking about what kind of an statement that they can make in a room.  A so-so chandelier won't ruin a room, but an amazing one can really make the space. (of course, a horrible one really can spell disaster!)

Ive put together a little collection of chandeliers that really take their respective rooms to a new level of amazing-ness. 

 Deco My Space

This dining room almost makes me a minimalist!  With the focus on the chandelier and the clean lines and colors of the space, I could almost be converted.

Canadian House and Home

Because the rest of the furnishings in this room are neutral, and because of their over-scale size, these chandeliers are the focal point of the space.  No one would ever accuse me of "going neutral", but this is the way to do it!

Canadian House and Home
Oh, the romance of it all!  The crystal chandy here add all the bling a girl could want.....well....not all the bling, but it's a good start!

OK, this I covet!  I don't have a credit for this pic, so let me know if you know.  It was just too beautiful not to include.

Restoration Hardware
I really hate what Restoration Hardware has done with it's "new look"....ho hum!.....but I do love these lantern chandeliers.  I think the symmetry of this design is beautiful, and one just wouldn't have been enough.
(Is it just me, or did the photo from Canadian House and Home use the same room setting as Restoration Hardware????)

Perch - New Orleans
Talk about eclectic!  Old New Orleans architecture, Eames chairs, and a turquoise chandelier!  Anything goes!

Jessica LaGrange Interiors as seen in Chicago Home

I'm a sucker for a round dining table.  I can't think of a better way to dine with friends and family.  This chandelier is so large, yet so light.  It compliments this table so beautifully, and I love the gilded branch look.(great centerpieces too! )
Muriel Brandolini, Interior Designer
If one chandelier is good, then 9 must be better, right?   I think this is such a creative use of lighting, and I love that they are all different shapes on the same idea.

Peter Dunham
 And this room looks so traditional until you look up!  I just love that !

Sara Story as seen in the Kips Bay Showhouse
A small scale take on a Chihuly.  Isn't it fun?

Remains Lighting
Is is contemporary or traditiona?   Isn't that what makes it fun?

Country Living Magazine

I just had to throw in one for fall.  The chandelier is pretty non-descript, but I love a pumpkin anywhere you want to put one!
Isn't this a great idea for your Thanksgiving table?

Don't forget to look up!!

Monday, September 27, 2010

A Plethora of Pumpkins!

I've had an affinity for pumpkins for many, many years.  I have sewed them, carved them, painted them, decorated them and sold them.  I've been called "The Pumpkin Lady", and it's not just because I have red hair!

I know everyone says that Fall is their favorite time of year, but it REALLY is my favorite.  It's my birthday month (and grandson, Tyler who will be 1 !), and I just feel more myself in the fall than at any other time.

So, in the spirit of "The Pumpkin Lady", I'm going to share some of my favorite pumpkin pictures during the next several weeks up to Thanksgiving.  Can't wait!!

You wanna get out your paintbrushes, don't you!

Better Homes and Gardens

White pumpkins and Owls (hoot hoot!) for all my Chi O sis's out there!

Sunset Magazine

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Ottoman, Coffee Table or Both!

I was working on a design plan for a client the other day, and the subject of ottomans came up.

I've become very accustomed to using ottomans as coffee tables in family room spaces because they bring another fabric and texture to the space, lend themselves to a more casual feel, and add more seating.

In order to show the client what I was considering, I began looking through my picture file (which has grow expeditiously since I began blogging, by the way!) for pics of ottomans used as coffee tables.

I thought I'd share a few with you too.

How do you feel about using ottomans for coffee tables?

Allison Jon, Interior Design

Hotel deTuilerieen, Bruge Belgium

Makham Roberts, Interior Designer

Jayson Home and Garden as seen in Lonny Magazine

Sorry, I don't have a credit for this pic.  Let me know if you can identify it.

Elle Decor


Massucco, Warner, Miller, Interior Designers

Nate Berkus

PCB Interiors 

Dallas Home - Turner Duncan & Kimberly Miller, Interior Designers

Waterleaf Interiors 

Southern Living

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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

One project down...a bazillion to go

The last time I posted about my bookshelves, I had just finished painting their backs in my accent color, orange.

I had a great time designing the shelving, replacing all my books that survived my purge for the Salvation Army or weren't taken to the studio.  I realized that I had several sentimental items that I was happy to use again.

This sweet, little paper-maiche' angle sat on the piano at my mother's house for as long as I can remember.  I just love the joy that she exudes as she sings.  She appropriately sits upon my copy of the Methodist hymnal, and reminds me how much I love to sing too.

Again, a mother thing....she bought me these vases ages ago, and I wasn't really loving blue at the time, so they went into hiding for a while.  I love how they look against the orange background.  The little pictures were picked up at the thrift store for $1.99ea!  Quite a purchase, huh?

Pics of my babes, when they were babes, my Norton Anthology of American Literature that houses the works of Whitman, Emily Dickenson, and Thoreau, the great love story of  "Anna Karenina", books of dream house plans and my little pillow that reminds me to keep on- keeping on.....

I've always loved copper (the forerunner to my love of orange), and when I found this angel weathervane in an antique store MANY years ago, I fell in love and had to bring her home.  She's since lost her "vane" part, and I have to prop her up, but I still love her, and it just wouldn't be right if she weren't showcased in a prominent place.
(I also love the engagement pic of Amanda and Brad!)

This is a painting I did to hang over the piano.  I did the background using torn paper to create texture then used a large piece of lace as a stencil and spray painted a light dusting of white and then I painted the dandelions  on top.  It was fun to do...not great art, but it makes me happy.

I did this needlepoint pillow for my parent's home.  It's a throwback to the days when I owned my needlework store.  It sat in my great grandmother's rocker.  Yep...I love it.

Shelves left....
Shelves right.....
The Middle...
(For those of you not into the piano....
I play it. I grew up playing stays)

All together now.....Ta Da!!

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Saturday, September 11, 2010

On the Road Again......

The last time I saw Baby Jackson and his mom he looked like this.....

I'm leaving tomorrow morning to drive to Columbia, SC because he now looks like this.....

I'm beyond excited to hug this little fat baby, and it won't be long now!
Is he the cutest baby or what???

Only 15 hours of driving I-20 separates me from playing grandma.

I'll post while I'm in SC, full of inspiration from this little guy.
We're also going to go to the Tot Trade Big Event in Columbia on Wednesday.  I understand that it's an amazing sale on everything for the kid set.  Check out the pics of the event on their website.  Wow!!

OK.  Gotta finish packing.  


Thursday, September 9, 2010


Hey all my designer peeps and fabric gurus....

I'm looking for a zebra print in orange for a client. 

Any suggestions????

In the meantime, here's some zebra-love from Elizabeth Bauer.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Floral Love

I know you've all seen this Thomas Paul print from Duralee.

A couple of things I love:

1.  Huge graphic statement on the wall.  Upholstery on the wall is back!
2.  Love the mix of the velvet sofa and the linen armless settee.
3.  The contemporary colorway.
4.  The X ottoman/bench in that coco velvet.
5.  Neutral walls that bring the focus to the fabrics.
6.  Huge white mats on colorful artwork.

Did I get it all?  What do you love? 
What about the different colorways?    Which is your fav?

Love them all!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Art in Large

They say that Texans do everything  big, and for the most part, that's true.  (I'm sure there's probably a disorder named after us!)

I know one thing that I always love big and over-scaled is Art.

As an artist who specialized in murals for a time, I've always been drawn to the big canvas or a large wall.  I just can't seem to scale down to do a little 5"x7" picture.  There's something magical about larger-than-life pieces.

Large art creates a focal point in a room like nothing else.

Photo by Tria Giovan

OK.....this is gutsy!  Can you imagine turning a corner and viewing this for the first time!  It may be a staged photo...after all, who sits in a single chaise facing a door....but I love the drama of the pink and green against that Amazonian green painting. 

Crosby Street Hotel - Soho, NYC

There is much to catch your eye in the lobby of the Crosby Street Hotel,
but the bright orange painting at the end of the hallway draws all eyes in that direction. The lighting emphasizes the painting as well, pulling you towards it. On the way, you notice all the other interesting features in the space.  I did a post on the interiors of this boutique hotel if you want to see more.

Joseph Minton for Southern Accents Riverhills Showhouse

Only the legendary Joseph Minton could get away with an overscaled dog painting in the library of this amazing showhome
I love the way the size and subject of this painting sets the mood and tone for this room.  Casual, relaxed and elegant, just like the hunting dogs that he showcases larger than life, this space will be everyone's favorite place to hang out.

Home of Brian Votaggio - winner of Top Chef 2009

Art doesn't have to be complicated or intricate or even original for it to make a great statement.  I love the simple and graphic quality of these pieces.
...and I love pears.
This is one I did for my studio.

Massuco, Warner & Miller Interior Design

Surely, this painting is the first thing you see when entering this space.  It's tall and bright and commands your attention.  It also sets the color palette for the room.  The repetition of the turquoise and blue from the painting on to the lamps and the furnishings really pulls everything together.  The addition of the orange, blue's compliment, is the perfect punch.

These gorgeous antique tapestries in the home of Ed and Sue Auler are grandeous and stately.  The make the room look rich and elegant as well as bring subtle color into the space.  To think of the artistic skills of the weavers who created these!  What patience!

This one just speaks to me.  I'd be happy walking past this everyday.

Benjamin Dhong, Interior Designer

And then there's this one!
Hungarian magazine "Otthan"

I love how art can bring the "unexpected" to a space.  This room is playful anyway, but our friendly flamingo is the added touch that finishes out the whimsical idea.  Love the coral!
(This one's for you, Jan!)

Art can set the mood for a room like nothing else can.  It should speak to you, thrill you, and inspire you to create each day in the best way possible.  When you buy art that you love, you will love your space.

Go forth and create!

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