Sunday, October 10, 2010

So what's a wall to do?

We texture walls in Texas....I don't know why....but we seldom see a smooth wall anywhere in the state. 

"Splatter-Drag" ....common builder's texture

My kids have lived in various places in the east, southwest and southeast, and they all have smooth walls.  But here in Texas, we do texture.
The "Tuscan/Old World" look has been a popular decorating trend for several years, and a "skip-trowel" texture, painted with a glaze, has complemented that style.

It's been done Alot !  and I mean ALOT !
I had a client ask me whether we should texture her walls in an upcoming re-do.

I am conflicted?

As a designer I know that when something becomes "standard" then it's probably time to move away.....very quickly.
I hate designing on the back end of a trend, knowing that in a year or two, the trend will be passe'.  I prefer, when my clients will allow, to push the envelope a bit and do something that I know will still look fresh and beautiful for at least the next 7 -10 years.

Obviously, when considering the "whole design package" , I like to be consistent with the overall mood of a home, or of a room.....I'm kind of crazy that way.  I think you should move from the front door, through the house and out the back without feeling schitzophrenic.  We don't like to match, but I think we should have a consistent "feeling" throughout a home. 

Is that something that wall texture can do?   Do we really need to pay attention to something so insignificant? 
Well, maybe! 
I thought it might be fun to see what other designers are doing with wall treatments, so I went on a pictorial knew I would! 

Textured "Old World"  finishes

Douglas Freidman, photographer

Eleanor Cumming, interior designer

Jean Stoffler, interior designer

Venetian Plaster - Allison Cocoma, interior designer

Reflective finishes

Neal Stewart, interior designer

Metallic Paint
Jeffery Bilhuber, interior designer

 High Gloss Paint
Todd Alexander Romano

Silver Leaf
 Kara Mann, interior designer


Charlotte Palmer, interior designer

High Street Market blog

Fredericksburg Texas Designer unknown


Panache Interiors

Michael Carter, Carter and Co.

Wendy Konradi, interior designer

Lisa Martinson, interior designer

Aren't you impressed with the possibilities? 

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  1. I'm a huge fan of very subtle plastered walls, much like the troweled picture you have shown except personally I like the texture to be more subtle. I also love to see them glazed but with little contrast between the paint and the glaze. Again, for me subtle is the best. And the most important thing for me is that the entire house be done. It needs to appear old, original to the house and authentic. A room done in texture here and there looks very "faux". That look has seen it's day and never was very good.

  2. Just had another thought. You can tell this is an important subject to me. I think the bones of the home are extremely important. When designing a new home anything you can add to the architecture will only enhance the furnishings. We like to walk through the house when it's finished and feel that it is perfectly beautiful without moving the first thing in. And then when you do, WOW!

  3. I agree wholeheartedly with you, Mona. That idea of textureing and glazing one room without doing the whole house leaves me unimpressed. I saw a million dollar model home last year that had 5 different textures visible from the front door! Who does that!!! Better question is, Why???

  4. Love all the different finishes and examples you showed. I just read your comment about the five different textures being visible from the, that must have been odd.

  5. So many beautiful wall finishes! Great post!!


  6. Perhaps it is time not to move away from texture, but introduce a new one in this home. You certainly showed some gorgeous options! Janell

  7. they are mostly smooth here in aus.
    I like rustic look or lime washed walls but it must be a special place. Every house is asking for something different.

  8. Lovely moldings and murals! Enjoy a beautiful day, Kellie xx

  9. textured walls must be so difficult to keep clean!! I love thet subtle mural in the last pic and those tortoiseshell moldings are STUNNING! I mat have to borrow that idea..

  10. I agree with all re: the finish should be consistent throughout the house.

    I don't like walking into a house and being able to date when they did the remodels or decorating. It must be timeless. A smooth plaster finish is my favorite, but that skill is tough to find.

  11. When we moved to TX from Chicago, we questioned the textured walls. A contractor told us that it was cheaper to texture them, because then they don't have to be as smooth and imperfections in the drywall don't show. He told us we wouldn't be able to get anyone to do smooth walls.

    I have a friend who asked to have one wall made smooth in her custom home, and it was going to cost several thousand dollars.

  12. Inspiring photos! I think I'm going to high gloss the walls of my new workout/studio space. It's in the basement, with no natural light, but there will be lots of mirror. I think it will add some interest/glam, and be best for wiping off any sweat and grime from all the intense work we'll be doing down there. I'm wondering what finish to paint the trim and crown molding? gloss to match, or semi-gloss maybe? would love your advice!


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