Sunday, July 11, 2010

Is the Bedspread Back?

Layers and layers are sort of the hallmark of most beautiful beds.

We layer the coverlets and duvet covers over bedskirts and top them with throws at the end of the bed and pile of the pillows. 

It's lovely.
Paul Joseph Hopper, Interior Designer

But what about the bedspread??

As a little girl, I had a bedspread.  I remember one in pink chennile. 

I remember my mother teaching me how to arrange the pillows so that when I turned the top of the spread back, the pillows would be perfectly tucked in.  There was a lot of running from side to side as I recall. 

Could that be why we switched to a comforter or a duvet....because they were easier to make up??


But I'm loving the bedspread.


I've had this one from Horchow in my favorites folder for quite some time.

Pretty in Pink, and loving the tufting and the little hem detail on this one.

Black and white toile is always a classic. 

Can't you just feel the crisp Egyptian cotton of these spreads?  I love the really tight ruffles, but what takes it over the top for me are the down comforters folded on the ends.

Burnout velvet brings a touch of elegance to this bedspread.

These are also from Horchow.  I think they are actually the same spread as the first one in different material.  Do you think it's imperative to have monogrammed pillows gracing the bedspread?   I think almost every picture I found features a monogram.  I guess great minds think alike!

I'm liking the trend back to the about you? 


  1. Sally the Horchow spread in white with the monogram is one of my all time favorites also. I have to have white on my beds, just something that works for me and that one looks so lush and comfy to me. I remember when the trend was the custom spread, drapes etc. I tend to like a more casual look but what goes around come around as they say so I am sure we will see that trend again, Have a great week dear friend, Happy Monday,Kathysue

  2. Yes, the bedspread brings back memories and a classic look! I love the ease of washing the duvets and blanket/layers though. BUT the bedspread creates an overall look and feel that can't be denied as the all time classic way to cover the bed and show off amazing pillow fluff :)

  3. Sally, I love this post. The beds all look more tailored with these bedspreads but glamorous with those long skirts!

  4. timely post! I have been searching for new bedding, and have three bedspreads in mind! Just want a cleaner, simpler look..

  5. I hadn't thought about bedspreads in years - but love this post and love how the simple Egyptian cotton twin spreads look, especially.

  6. Definitely IN.
    I looove your selection.

  7. I like it too! I can remember running back and forth getting that tuck under the pillows just perfect! So nice to meet you, and thanks for the smile + memory today! xx

  8. My mom always loved bedspreads. She still uses one because she says she likes the more formal look they give a room. I prefer the less formal duvet and down comforter. Maybe because we weren't allowed to sleep with the bedspread on-I was always cold!

  9. My mother would just love this post! She has always been a bedspread person, and has never taken to comforters or duvets. Mom always knew where to find the prettiest bedspreads {and still does}. I always had a frilly pink or purple bedspread while growing up. Great memories!

  10. I love the Horchow one, and the ones similar to it. But while it's pretty to look at, I can't imagine having it on a bed that I sleep in!! I need a comforter so that I can stick one leg out at night. :D

  11. The full skirted Horchow spreads are so elegant. They remind me of my Grandmothers, which were silk. I like the lightness of the cotton. I'm monogrammed out. I opt for a pattern!

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