Thursday, June 30, 2011

Designer "Tear Sheet" Thursday

The June Dallas Home Accessories Market is a a great market to attend because all the vendors have new lines to unveil.  We had a great time shopping on Monday, just checking out some of our favorite showrooms for "what's new?".

Followers of my blog know that I love painted furniture, and there is no company doing a better job of that than  Guildmaster.  They are located in the IN-DETAIL showroom, and it's always a treat for me to see what new idea they have come up with.

I zeroed in on this piece.    LOVE!

This is a new piece in their line.  What a great island!  it has a flip top, wine storage and that beautiful painted finish that Guildmaster is noted for.

A theme that I saw in multitple showrooms was butterflies.   They were everywhere!

These plate chargers were a new item in the Guildmaster line as was this fabulous mirror.

There were so many new additions to their line, that I couldn't show them all here, but all  of these items are available through Sally J. Designs, so let me know if you'd like to see more.

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Monday, June 27, 2011

Love a Makeover!

Everyone likes a fun makeover, so I thought I'd share a couple of pieces that we had reupholstered for clients.  

This little French chair was originally covered in a beautiful Chinese silk that my client had brought back from her travels.  But we all know how delicate silk can be, and this had completely disintegrated.

Poor little chair!

The frame was beautifully distressed, so we left it as is, but this purple room really deserved a fabric combination that had some purple punch.

Isn't she just the sweetest thing?  We did a purple velvet on the frame, and then added in the plush silk pillow seat and the embellished lumbar pillow.  We chose to use bronze nailheads instead of self-cord, and I think it was the perfect thing!  (silks from Duralee - Silk Road collection)

This little settee had great bones and had served it's purpose, but my client wanted it to fit in with her Santa Fe style study.  

We chose a fabulous wool from Kravet's Museum of New Mexico line and paired it with a faux leather for the frame and cording.  

Muy Bueno, No?  

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Designer "Tear Sheet" Thursday

It's Market Week at the Dallas Trade Mart and World Trade Center, and I've been enticed by so many beautiful decorative accessories that vendors are introducing at market.  

Although this was not something I was looking for this week, I'm keeping the info on these lamps for future projects.  

Welcome the new lamp collection from William Yeoward.   Love!!

These fabulous spun glass lamp bases come in different bases and ten stylish colors.

Luscious colors!

Alfie lampbase

Neyrs Lampbase

Edfreda Lampbase

Muffy Lampbase

Ninevagh lampbase

Philppa Lampbase

And don't you love the beautiful lampshades!

I'll be at market in the next few days, and I'll be bringing you news of what's new!

These lamps are available to the trade through Sally J. Designs if you have fallen in love!

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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Designer "Tear Sheet" Thursday

This week's designer tear sheet is a pair of chrome lanterns from the Winsor Collection from Riado and available to the trade at Taylor's on Ten in the Dallas World Trade Center. I love the sleek, rectangular shape in highly polished chrome juxtaposed to the chunky leather handle.
Available in two sizes, they look great together or can certainly stand alone.  

But lanterns are not new.  We know they were carried around in the middle ages, so how difficult is it to bring something fresh to this ancient accessory?

Made to look old, these classic lanterns make a statement when grouped together.

Duomo lantern from Restoration Hardware

Traditional shapes, colonial or French renaissance, continue to be a popular choice for pendants and chandeliers.


Contemporary designers have streamlined the lantern shape making this classic fit well into more transitional spaces.  Whether candle-lit or electrified they bring a beautiful ambiance to every space they grace.

Laura Casey Interiors


Urban Electric Lanterns

And even if you get creative and make your own, lanterns bring a great style wherever you decide to hang them!

Fancy Little Things Blog

For more information on the Designer Tear Sheet of the Week, contact Sally.

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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Block it !

Solomon said that "There is nothing new under the sun"......
             And I believe him.

One of the delightful things about growing older is that you are not surprised when a "new" trend looks like something you've already worn or lived with before. So it is with the hottest trend off the runway and in home decor ... color blocking.

Now, I  know this is not new because i grew up in the 60's when Mondrian became a household word.  

Piet Mondrian

We even dressed dolls in Mondrian-inspired clothing!

His influence was seen in home decor as well......Literally!

the Formica Place

But I must say that the reinvention of the color block trend has moved away from the primary color palette and is giving us tons of color inspiration.  

The runway has been showing this trend for a while.

And now it's time for interior design to be creative with color blocking. 

There are some basics for making this work in your  home or you clothes.

Remember the Rule of Odds

It's always recommended that your accessorize in 3's, or at least odd numbers.  The same holds true for mixing colors.  Keeping the color palette to three or five bold colors gives emphasis to the strength of the colors and keeps the room looking focused and well planned. 

Urdu Planet


For the color block scheme to really work, you need some repetition of color.  You don't have to repeat every color, but repeat at least one color in your chosen palette.

Creamy Life blog

Jill Sorenson - Marmalade Interiors

Add neutrals.
Black, white, brown, gray are all neutrals that balance out the bright colors that you're using.  Bold colors will always catch the eye in a room, but it's the neutrals that ground all the colorful layers. 

House of Turquoise

via shelterpop

Work with shades
Rooms that work best using color blocking have a least two colors that are close to each other on the color wheel.....reds and oranges, blues and and purple....and then they reach across the wheel for that pop of color.

Jane Hess

G Style @ Home

You can use color blocking in a bold way...
Daun Curry

Carey Kaplan

...or in a more subdued and relaxed way.

Jill Sorenson

Pops of color will always energize a space, and although it might be out of your comfort zone to mix unrelated colors, you can start small with a pillow or a lamp base or even a paint color to break the ice.  The days of matching color and pattern all over the room are really over, and it's time to embrace color in a new and more modern way.  

Pull out your inner "hippie" and try on some color!  

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Designer "Tear Sheet" Thursday

When I'm shopping "To the Trade" showrooms for something specific for a client, I'll ask the showroom for a "tear sheet".  That is a picture and description of an item that they are selling.  I can then share the tear sheet with my client and keep a copy in their folders so I have all the pertinent info.  

I thought it might be fun to do a post each week and call it Tear Sheet Thursday.  it will be an opportunity to share some of the newest products and furniture that have crossed my path that week with my readers. 

This week, I've been shopping for a chaise and I found this one!  This modern, modified wing-back chaise has great style and shape!  This would look amazing in so many spaces!

the Bruno chaise

Isn't she a beauty!

Here's some inspiration for using a chaise in your own space.


Ruthie Summers

House to Home

Color Sizzler

Jeffery Bilhuber

Apartment Therapy


Be inspired!!

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