Thursday, July 21, 2011

Designer "Tear Sheet" Thursday - FLOR

Do you know FLOR?  

If you're in the Dallas area tonight, you can participate in the opening of a brand new FLOR store. 

Flor is one of the most innovative flooring options that's ever been created for people who live in the real world.  They have designed great looking carpet tiles that stick to one another in a semi-permanent way, but allows you to remove and replace tiles that get soiled or stained.  Their FLORdots are self-adhesive and stick the tiles to one another, making it easy to mix and match and replace.  Genius!

They  are even "green" minded in that they will take your old tiles and recycle them!  Good for the planet too!

They make great rugs or wall - to- wall applications.....suit yourself.

And talk about great designs!   Check these out and visit their website for more ideas and designs.

Botanicals - Moss

Channel Surfing 

Haute Stuff

House Pet - Hamster

Passage Way - Citron

Shaggy Sheep

Souk Chic - Blue

As a designer, I think there are so many practical and stylish uses for the Flor carpet squares.  The options for creativity are endless and it fits into the budget of the most discerning client.  With children and pets in a home, I think they provide a great solution to high traffic areas.  

Although FLOR tiles are not exclusive to the trade, when you need help designing your space with these cool tiles, don't hesitate to call your favorite interior designer.  

(I haven't been compensated in any way by FLOR for this post....I just think they're cool and I wanted to pass the love on!)

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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Designer Tear Sheet Thursday

This week I've been up to my eyeballs in drapery designs.  We're designing panels, valances and shades for several projects, and it's important that the right hardware is chosen to enhance the style and fabric of the design.  

Fabricut has created a beautiful collection of drapery hardware in many styles and finishes.  

Look at the shiny gold and the cut crystal!   A real trend setter!  This collection is available in chrome, pewter and brass.

Always a popular choice, the classic traditional styling of this collection works in so many of my clients' homes.  It is available in water gilded gold and silver, 18th century gold, fruitwood and espresso.  

These collections and many more are available through Sally J. Designs.  

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Monday, July 11, 2011

Pinterest: My Newest Obsession

I recognize that I'm not always the first one to the party, so those of you who are already using Pinterest can just scroll on down.  

But for those of you who haven not yet discovered this amazing site, here's a little intro so you can have as much fun as the rest of us!

Pinterest is a site where you can catalog pictures of everything you like, what you want for Christmas, clothes you wish you could wear and places you dream of visiting.  Anything that is a picture on the internet can be "pinned" and placed on a "pinboard" on your own personal page. 

I thought it would be fun to show you a few of the things I've pinned this week.  I'd love for you to follow me and repin to your heart's desire.

I have lots of pinboards for all things about interior design, as you would expect.

Are these beds to die for?

Tucker and Marks ID

I'm really loving yellow paired with black and white these days, and a floral ceiling is just icing on the cake!

 I love the creativity of this upholstery.  I'll want to remember this!

 Is this mirror just the most beautiful thing ever!
 This chair from Anthropology is covered in a bright kilm rug, and it makes such a statement.  We've used rugs for upholstery as well, and its fun to see someone else do it too.

Maps have become a real design trend.  I think the natural colors found in maps really speaks to some of our favorite color schemes.  Plus, their large scale really spreads the color around.

But I have pin boards for all kinds of things that I want to remember.

Recipes.... Crock pot mac and cheese...yum!

Sweet potato indulgence!

Things I want to DIY.....

I'm thinking this would be great for my  herb garden.....yall save me your coffee cans!

I think this is a great gift idea....who doesn't love some bling?

With two growing grandsons, I'm pinning things to do and make for them.  I've also pinned a few things in case there's a granddaughter on the horizon some day.

What child (or adult) wouldn't love these!

I have a soft spot for this cute little stick horse.  He'd be easy to make too.

As a former teacher, I think this is a brilliant idea to teach reading.  

Think birthday party .... lots of little fun!
And I keep several pinboards of things that I love and that inspire me.

I always have a soft spot for owls....Hootie Hoot, XO

How beautiful is this?

This I want to paint!

So jump on the Pinterest bandwagon.  You may need an invite, so send me your email address, and I'll send you an invite.   I don't want to be the only addicted one out there.....surely I'm not!Pinterest

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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Designer Tear Sheet Thursday

I've been buffet shopping this week for dining room buffet.  My challenge was a small room, larger (but gorgeous) table which didn't leave alot of room for the buffet the client wanted.

We loved this one from American Drew, the Bob Mackie Collection. 

We loved the clean lines and the different colors of wood which goes beautifully with her table.
Pretty huh?

Available through Sally J. Designs.

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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Copper Highlights

Metalllics seem to be all the rage these days....fabrics, wallpaper, furniture finishes and all kinds of accessories bring metallic sparkle and bling to home decor.

We've seen high gloss chrome, brushed nickel and oil rubbed bronze, and now burnished gold is taking center stage.  But my heart will always lean to my favorite patina....copper.

I just love copper!  It's rich and warm, and it always ages with grace and panache!
Every chef covets a set of hand-forged copper too!

Vaux-le-vicomte chateau

Designers are taking this soft, mellow metal and using it in all kinds of unique applications.

Who doesn't love the copper farm sink?

or the incredible free standing bathtub...

This Japanese soaking tub is the ultimate in luxury, don't you think?  (Perhaps we need to bring along a copper step stool so you can actually get in!)

Craftsman Copper

Lighting designers have jumped on the copper bandwagon as well, mixing traditional and modern design elements with this antique finish.

Casa Midy Lanterns

Tom Dixon

Artistic Kitchen Designs

Industrial Design Imports

Copper is a great material for cut away panels and screens too.  
Think about the shadows this pattern would make in the light!   Yum!
Parasoleil by Kari Seydewitz

I do love the way that copper creates a beautiful verdigis patina when it's left to oxidize. 
My favorite color scheme too!

Strauss Furniture

Furniture makers have begun experimenting with copper.  The soft metal is more challenging to work with, but when it works, it's wonderful!

How unique is this!
Ferruccio Laviani

 Heaven for me when you marry the copper with drawers....I love drawers and cubbies!

Hobart Cabinet Co.

Distressed copper clad dining tables look great in outdoor spaces or homey kitchens. 

GI Designs

Tile manufacturers have been adding copper to their lines for a while now, 
Native Trails Tile

but penny tiles in copper are a new twist to an vintage design.

Cool Trends

And then there's the real deal!!  Talk about a "costly" floor!

Even Kitchenaide has gotten in on the act!

Wanna know how obsessed I am?  This is my kitchen ceiling.  Anaglypta wallpaper, faux painted by me....I needed a neck brace by the time I finished!  But I love it everyday.

So, are you a fan of copper too?  Jump on the bandwagon....there's plenty of room!