Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Tear Sheet Thursday

Lighting fixtures are so artistically designed these days.  There are new manufacturers stepping into the market place all the time.

The Spiral Nest is one of the new artistic fixtures from Ridgely Studio Works, and I'm loving the artisan feel of this unique design.

The Nests are made from hand spun cold-rolled steel rod in various thicknesses and can be finished in a wide range of options - both plated and painted. 

The modular design of the Spiral Nest is such that single pendants can be grouped on a custom canopy to create big or small chandelier configurations or placed in a linear group - over kitchen islands or tables.

Each nest is handmade, and no two are alike.  
Who doesn't like a one-of-a-kind object d' art?

Available to the trade through Sally J. Designs

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  1. Those are cool...I wonder where i would use them?

  2. Love these lights. Very unique!!

  3. Love these lights. Very unique!!

    'Please visit our new website'

  4. Wow, so interesting and unique! I've never seen anything like this before. Very cool. Just discovered your blog, am really enjoying it!

  5. Thanks for the posting Sally.
    To respond to Stacy's question about where to use the Spiral Nests?... They are great kitchen fixtures over an island or counter top. We have installed several in a row over dinning room tables or grouped together in a cluster for an artistic entry way fixture. Feel free to contact us for additional photos and information.

  6. There are limitless ideas on lamp designs. And this piece is one if the rare examples.


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