Friday, February 26, 2010

My homage to velvets

It's almost the end of Febuary, and I can't believe that spring is just weeks away.  While I'm always glad to see the daffodills and tulips punch through the barren ground, I'm not ready to leave behind the coziness that we create in our homes during the winter months. 

Here in the south, proper young ladies of my day were taught that we didn't wear white after labor day or velvet after Easter, so while the temps are hovering around freezing, and there is still time to indulge myself, I thought I'd post some lovely applications of my favorite textile, and my distraction of the day......velvet.

Who knew ??? 
Velvet pile is created by warp or vertical yarns and velveteen pile is created by weft or fill yarns. 

Luxury personified! Velveteen upholstered walls, and in kelly green, no less! 
Love it !  Thank you, Tory Burch, for your incredible style and panache'!

Boston interior designer, Frank Roop, is a man after my own heart with this turquoise velveteen sofa.  I'm recovering two slipper chairs for my own house in almost the same color.

The lucious teal velveteen is going to turn these little slipper chairs into a real focal point in the room.   This rich shade of blue-green with the orange (Thomas Paul for Duralee) is my new fav color scheme. 

I think I would feel very pampered living in this vibrant bedroom created by Steve Shubel.  I love the combination of the black white and red, and then add in the richness of the velvet on the headboad and bed throw, and you've got a space that really plays to the senses.  Check out the unexpected pink throw on the chair.

OMG !  The combination of velvet with silk is textural heaven.   I could hang out on the sofa with this and watch the Olympics!

King Richard II of England directed in his will that his body should be clothed in "velveto" in 1399.

What a great idea!

Pink velveteen....I'm such a girl !

What's your favorite distraction today?   I hope you'll share it !

P.S.  I just found this picture on Ragland Hill Social blog and had to have it as a part of this post.  Be still my heart!!


  1. What a wonderful new Blog!
    Sally J has done a fabulous job of sharing her vision with the rest of us - some of which are very design challenged! Thanks for a beautiful site! Will come back often!

  2. Thanks Peg. I really appreciate the comments. When's your blog going up!!

  3. Sally, I'm so happy to learn that I'm not the only design schizo around! Fun reading your blog, which also has great eye appeal! You'll have to teach us how to combine velveteen and pets in the same home.

    We're indeed pleased to have you as a monthly columnist in The Garland Messenger. Your design tips are very helpful!

  4. Thanks, Nancy. I'll be linking to the Messenger one day soon. In the meantime here's the link

  5. You go girl! We've subscribed!

  6. Gorgeous colors--LOVE the blue bedrooms!

  7. Sally: LOVE all the colorful pictures which presents so many
    varieties of rooms and ideas with which to decorate.

    You're doing a great job so keep it up! You're an asset to the City of Garland:)

    Sandra Dinkins


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