Monday, December 6, 2010

Christmas trees…..Neiman Marcus Style!

Everyone has heard of Neiman Marcus, the original luxury shopping experience.  Now, any designer who is anyone has their own store on 5th Ave or Rodeo Drive (oh, and by the way, here in Texas that is pronounced RO’ dee O, not ro Day o, but that’s another story).
But Neiman’s was the first, and some say, the best.  Christmas in Dallas just wouldn’t be Christmas if you didn’t go check out the Christmas decor at Neimans, Downtown.
Well, I haven’t been there yet this year, but I took pictures of last year's trees, and I thought  you might like to see the creativity of the Neiman’s design team.
These trees greeted us when we came in on the ground floor.
niemans 002
niemans 001
Stars were a theme on one floor.
niemans 004

niemans 012
I love how they stuffed these in horizontally instead of hanging them.

niemans 013
These “Sputnik” trees were in the children’s department.   How fun are these?
niemans 005
niemans 007
Squares were the theme for these trees.
niemans 008

niemans 009
Check out how they incorporated the ribbons into these trees.  What a unique look!
niemans 010

niemans 011

Lots of lights and glam!
niemans 026
I can’t wait to see what divine decor Neiman’s has done for this year! 
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  1. I love to go to San Francisco and to see Union Square and Neiman's tree. I remember the first time I saw the tree that goes up through all the stories of the store, they had a train going around some of the branches, pretty cool!!! I love the city lights, it is a must for Christmas. It will be fun to see Dallas at Christmas time through your eyes. xo Kathysue

  2. I remember one year when I was a teenager ( so probably 10 years My grandmother somehow landed a contract to make 100's of handmade tiny doilies that were dipped in glue to decorate the trees at Neiman's...wouldn't it be awesome if they had those lying around in a box somewhere and I could get my hands on them??

  3. So festive! I used to work part time in a department store in Chicago and loved seeing all the decor and windows each holiday! Certainly got you in the holiday spirit! Jaenll

  4. It wouldn't be Christmas in Dallas without Neiman's either. Thanks for sharing. Mona

  5. So much inspiration here! I too love the horizontal stars, and the sputnik trees are so fun. Hope you'll be taking lots of pictures when you go there this year (and share them with us).

    I can't believe I wasn't listed as your follower in GFC. Mistake corrected though ;)

    xo Linda

  6. Fun, fun, fun. Nothing beats shopping at Niemann's at Christmas!

  7. I can only imagine
    how much FUN it must
    be for the people who
    create these trees;
    coming up with the
    ideas, finding the
    ornaments and finally,
    decking the halls!
    Loved the tour!
    xx Suzanne

  8. I love how festive department stores always are - especially Neiman's! It always puts me in the holiday spirit.

  9. Wow so much inspiration. I have just become your newest follower, I also have a new blog so please visit sometime and i'll send inspiration your way.


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