Thursday, August 18, 2011

Who "Decorates Dallas" ?

I'm blaming it on the heat.
I've been a baaaad blogger, but I'm determined to stay in the air conditioning and get back to blogging after an insufferable month of temps over 100degrees.  

OK.  Excuses are behind me!

And that brings me to the question:  Did you see were appauled by  
"Donna Decorates Dallas" on HGTV?

OMG !  I was so excited to see a design show originate in my beloved metropolis, but two seconds in, I knew we were in deep____!

I'd love to show you some of the images from the show, but strangely enough, there are NONE!   Reading over the HGTV discussion posts, I'm not surprised.   Comments centered around "Are you kidding", "What were  you thinking. HGTV?".  Perhaps they're "rethinking" this one!

 Picture1990's - over-the-top, Tuscan/Old World/neo-Baroque thematic bedroom design.  It's the stuff I've been trying to rid my clients of ever since! 

So, I thought it was my duty to showcase a few bedrooms by Dallas designers who really DO decorate Dallas.

Adrienne Morgan Interiors

Emily Johnston Larkin

Emily Summers

Hayslip Designs

Jan Showers

Joanie Wyll

John Phillip Mars

Laura Lee Clark

Margaret Chambers

Sally J. Designs

(Thought I'd throw in one of my own!)

All the best to Donna Moss and HGTV.  I wish you and the show well....if it makes it to air.


  1. Yay!!! You and Kellie from Cashon and Company wrote a post on this subject matter. I applaud you both and I am adding your link to my facebook page. Being from California I did not want to speak up as if I was an expert on Dallas design, but from what I have seen in blog land this show was not an accurate example of Dallas design or for good design in any part of the country!!! I too looked for images and found none. I also thought that HGTV had second thoughts, although I did see that there are two shows scheduled in Sept. We shall see how all of this unfolds. Kudos to you Miss Sally for posting this,xo Kathysue

  2. Hi Sally! Welcome back - you have been missed! I did not catch that show but the trailers were enough for me. Looked a bit, how shall we say, overdecorated? Loved your real Dallas images, especially by Sally J! Hope you are well, Sally!

  3. If you're a bad blogger then that makes me a horrible one ! I had a feeling that show wasn't going to be worth watching. Loved you images though...

  4. I saw it!!! Crazy bad! I am thinking it is a joke?

  5. missed the show, but love that Laura Lee Clark room - tres chichi! Don't worry, we all know you guys are past that look, waaayyy past!

  6. I guess i should be glad I didn't see the show. Love your selections especially the first two beautiful bedrooms! Thank goodness we have you as an arbiter of Texas style.

  7. Yes, I've briefly saw this show before turning it off, and isn't there another similar one with a previous "housewife", who rearranges people's homes for a big party? It is a trend on HGTV that I hope doesn't become a trend! Janell

  8. i feel your sentiment. i saw the ads and new it wasn't for me...immediately. glad i'm not the only one.

    rock on.

  9. Oh, I saw it and thought the same thing! I was embarrassed to be from Texas! We have decorators down here who do that over the top Tuscan look all over The Woodlands. The sad thing is that people pay big money for it! They don't realize it's out of style and so fake looking.

    Love your job, Sally! There is good design in Texas!

  10. Your images are great! I don't know Dallas design well, but I think I'll learn from you rather than HGTV! Great post!! Hope you'll stop by sometime

  11. All very lovely work including yours! Didn't see the show...but I hate that style. It cracks me up when I here someone say I want that Tuscany look. You know you're in trouble. As Carla said it's unfortunate the amount of money that people have spent on gaudy, garrish interiors. Have a great weekend, Sally.

  12. Beautiful Blog! Do you have any other info on the beautiful trees art work? I can't find anything on Emily Tom?


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