Friday, November 11, 2011

A Big Thank You!

How special is it that our country sets aside one day to say Thank You to all who have served us in the military.  We get to thank them while they are still here, and that's an honored gift for all of us.  

But it's  more really.
From reading my fb friends posts today, it seems like we take today to remember a generation that is gone and women who changed the least OUR world.

Who doesn't have some family member who served in WWII or Vietnam or Iraq.  Lives in every generation  have. been touched by war.  Our grandparents or our parents and for many of us, our children too have braved up to protect and serve .

And we get to say a very public "Thank You" today on Veterans Day.
I'm grateful to all who have served, but especially these who touch my life.

Captain Winn Mallory Jackson, my dad,
who served in the Cavalry during WWII in the Phillipines.

My son, Capt. Matthew H. Hammond, USMC, who served 8 years and spent his honeymoon on the way to Iraq in 2004.

and my Son in Law, Maj. Bradley A. Rueter, USAF
currently serving in Strategic Command at Ft. Jackson, S. C

Here's a shout-out to my service men and to all those who have gone before, are in service now, and who feel the call to serve in the future.

Thank you for your service.  We celebrate you today.

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  1. My father is one of those heroes who is buried at Arlington cemetery. His three volunteer only tours of duty in viet name shortened his life by many years so I am always so appreciative of this country's new found appreciation for our military men and women and the sacrifice that they and their families make. Thanks for a lovely post.


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