Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Need an Update??

It seems that the pendulum in design does not swing slightly, but more with a complete and earth shattering paradigm shift.  Here in the Dallas area, we have been entrenched in the Old World design style for many years now, and like all things, it's getting old.  My clients are longing for a lighter and brighter feel to their homes, but  in this economy, few people can start from scratch with all new furniture and accessories.   So how do you change the style of your spaces without "throwing the baby out with the bathwater"?

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 If your color scheme is filled with dark colors, begin to eliminate one of the strongest colors from your scheme replacing it with the next shade lighter in the same family.  For example, it you’ve used a lot of reds,  start pulling in some lighter shades of terra cotta or peachy tones.  They will still work with the reds, but they are lighter and less intense.   Painting your walls a softer, lighter color is the easiest and least expensive update you can do.

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As you begin to replace furniture pieces around the house, replace the heaviest pieces first.  If replacing furniture is not in your budget just yet, choose to paint some pieces to lighten up their look.  It’s fun to have the juxtaposition of a large scale, heavy piece painted in a glossy white or a bright color, and it brings a different kind of drama to the space.

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Refreshing heavy window treatments with light and airy panels will do the same things as a good face lift!  Instead of heavy tapestry and formal silk, think linen and lightweight sheers.  We're loving the woven wood blinds too!.  You'll have a radical transformation!

Many of my clients still love the "Traditional" look, but if you  take away some of the “goop” (That’s a design term for fringe, tassels, trim and basically heavy handed decorating), you'll freshen up the space without loosing that comfortable feel.    Most of the time just the process of editing your space will lighten it up.  Begin to incorporate some different colors into the mix so that the space will take on a different feel.  

As you’re working through the process of making changes to your home, don’t leave behind the tried and true principles that make any room work….scale, balance, repetition and color, and it you need some help call in the experts to lay out a plan to get you started.

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  1. If I had that design style in my home, I'd have no idea where to begin. Great, common sense advice. Thank you.

  2. Gorgeous spaces! Loving the sofa with lots of pillows. Have a beautiful start of the week, Kellie xx


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