Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Preview to Spring

I’m like most design bloggers I know….we spend inordinate amounts of time reading other people’s blogs.  It’s where we get inspiration and ideas for our blogs!  (You know there is nothing new under the sun, after all )  Hopefully we can put our own spin on and inspire someone else to do the same.

I found these lovely little plates on wolfandwillow.typepad.com.  They are created by an Aukland designer, Rachel Carley

rachel carley ceramics 

The beautiful pastel colors caught my eye.  I feel spring coming on!

Wouldn’t these make a lovely palette for space in your home? 

Soft, aqua greens…..

Bianca Lorenne collection 3 Bianca Lorenne Collection

Creamy whites……like vanilla ice cream….


Blushing pinks……

Designer Phoebe Howard

Phoebe Howard 

Buttery yellows

butter kitchen

this year’s popular “Honeysuckle”….(or maybe this is Flamingo!!)

Otthon Magazine

and baby, baby blue…..

Judy Bentley  Atlanta HomeJudy Bently  

Or mix it up!

Thibaut Gate House Collection 3


One more…..


Can’t you just feel it?…….It will be here soon!



  1. Sally, I am just heading down the hall to bed and I see these wonderful colors. What a nice way to end my day. I think we are all craving some Springy color, I know I always am, I don't care what time of year it is!!! Goodnight, sleep tight, Kathysue

  2. If Spring came yesterday, it wouldn't be soon enough! Lovely!

  3. It had better be here soon, I'm about out of energy!! I love reading blogs, and sometimes when I begin to run short on time to do so I remind myself of all the inspiration, encouragement and ideas I would miss if I didn't!

    Love all the color! Janell

  4. Beyond ready for spring! Love these images, Sally - so fresh!

  5. I'm so excited for Spring to arrive although I think we're having a wonderful teaser of it right now! ;) great inspiration photos!

  6. Every new season makes me want to change everything in my whole house. If only I had the resources... *sigh*

  7. I love that sofa in the last photo. I'm usually not one for mixing too many fabrics on one piece of furniture, but that is really fresh. Pretty colors! Refreshing post.

  8. I'm with Sue (The Zhush) - can't come soon enough!! Just bought a new pair of J. Crew sandals to hurry it along!


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