Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Copper Highlights

Metalllics seem to be all the rage these days....fabrics, wallpaper, furniture finishes and all kinds of accessories bring metallic sparkle and bling to home decor.

We've seen high gloss chrome, brushed nickel and oil rubbed bronze, and now burnished gold is taking center stage.  But my heart will always lean to my favorite patina....copper.

I just love copper!  It's rich and warm, and it always ages with grace and panache!
Every chef covets a set of hand-forged copper pans....me too!

Vaux-le-vicomte chateau

Designers are taking this soft, mellow metal and using it in all kinds of unique applications.

Who doesn't love the copper farm sink?

or the incredible free standing bathtub...

This Japanese soaking tub is the ultimate in luxury, don't you think?  (Perhaps we need to bring along a copper step stool so you can actually get in!)

Craftsman Copper

Lighting designers have jumped on the copper bandwagon as well, mixing traditional and modern design elements with this antique finish.

Casa Midy Lanterns

Tom Dixon

Artistic Kitchen Designs

Industrial Design Imports

Copper is a great material for cut away panels and screens too.  
Think about the shadows this pattern would make in the light!   Yum!
Parasoleil by Kari Seydewitz

I do love the way that copper creates a beautiful verdigis patina when it's left to oxidize. 
My favorite color scheme too!

Strauss Furniture

Furniture makers have begun experimenting with copper.  The soft metal is more challenging to work with, but when it works, it's wonderful!

How unique is this!
Ferruccio Laviani

 Heaven for me when you marry the copper with drawers....I love drawers and cubbies!

Hobart Cabinet Co.

Distressed copper clad dining tables look great in outdoor spaces or homey kitchens. 

GI Designs

Tile manufacturers have been adding copper to their lines for a while now, 
Native Trails Tile

but penny tiles in copper are a new twist to an vintage design.

Cool Trends

And then there's the real deal!!  Talk about a "costly" floor!

Even Kitchenaide has gotten in on the act!

Wanna know how obsessed I am?  This is my kitchen ceiling.  Anaglypta wallpaper, faux painted by me....I needed a neck brace by the time I finished!  But I love it everyday.

So, are you a fan of copper too?  Jump on the bandwagon....there's plenty of room!


  1. That penny floor is fabulous! I love copper and have some great antique pots and platters.

    I'm doing a give away on my blog. A Flokati rug that I used in my Showhouse room! Stop by and sign up.

    Hope you had a relaxing Fourth!

  2. I use to collect copper molds for my kitchen years ago. I don't know what ever happened to all of those!? There is nothing prettier than a copper pot on the stove. My niece has red hair like you and when she is in the sun it looks like she has copper thread throughout her hair, so pretty, Kathysue

  3. These are gorgeous photos... I'm with you... I love copper too!

  4. LOVE the Japanese soaking tub, and you are so right, one would need help getting in and out of it! Janell

  5. Hi Sally! My mom used to display some copper in our kitchen a few years back. You're right, copper is warm and beautiful. Great job on your ceiling - take a few aspirin and enjoy it for years!

  6. Love the ceiling you faux painted! Would you mind sharing with me what your painting products and technique was? I am getting ready to attempt this in our basement and in the middle of researching products to use. Thank you!

  7. Yes, what paint process/products did you use for your ceiling. I have the exact paper up, but the reviews of paints are lackluster. ha.

  8. Yes, what paint process/products did you use for your ceiling. I have the exact paper up, but the reviews of paints are lackluster. ha.


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