Monday, July 11, 2011

Pinterest: My Newest Obsession

I recognize that I'm not always the first one to the party, so those of you who are already using Pinterest can just scroll on down.  

But for those of you who haven not yet discovered this amazing site, here's a little intro so you can have as much fun as the rest of us!

Pinterest is a site where you can catalog pictures of everything you like, what you want for Christmas, clothes you wish you could wear and places you dream of visiting.  Anything that is a picture on the internet can be "pinned" and placed on a "pinboard" on your own personal page. 

I thought it would be fun to show you a few of the things I've pinned this week.  I'd love for you to follow me and repin to your heart's desire.

I have lots of pinboards for all things about interior design, as you would expect.

Are these beds to die for?

Tucker and Marks ID

I'm really loving yellow paired with black and white these days, and a floral ceiling is just icing on the cake!

 I love the creativity of this upholstery.  I'll want to remember this!

 Is this mirror just the most beautiful thing ever!
 This chair from Anthropology is covered in a bright kilm rug, and it makes such a statement.  We've used rugs for upholstery as well, and its fun to see someone else do it too.

Maps have become a real design trend.  I think the natural colors found in maps really speaks to some of our favorite color schemes.  Plus, their large scale really spreads the color around.

But I have pin boards for all kinds of things that I want to remember.

Recipes.... Crock pot mac and cheese...yum!

Sweet potato indulgence!

Things I want to DIY.....

I'm thinking this would be great for my  herb garden.....yall save me your coffee cans!

I think this is a great gift idea....who doesn't love some bling?

With two growing grandsons, I'm pinning things to do and make for them.  I've also pinned a few things in case there's a granddaughter on the horizon some day.

What child (or adult) wouldn't love these!

I have a soft spot for this cute little stick horse.  He'd be easy to make too.

As a former teacher, I think this is a brilliant idea to teach reading.  

Think birthday party .... lots of little fun!
And I keep several pinboards of things that I love and that inspire me.

I always have a soft spot for owls....Hootie Hoot, XO

How beautiful is this?

This I want to paint!

So jump on the Pinterest bandwagon.  You may need an invite, so send me your email address, and I'll send you an invite.   I don't want to be the only addicted one out there.....surely I'm not!Pinterest

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  1. Sally, I must start using Pinterest!! You have a fabulous array of images!! Thank you so much for sharing!


    Art by Karena

  2. Oh Sally I know what you mean, I am definitely addicted to Pinterest. I can stay away for awhile but if I go and visit, I pin away!!! So many beautiful images and it is fun to see what everyone is drawn too!! Fun post, Kathysue

  3. Isn't is soo much fun?? I haven't been pinning enough lately, but I am really starting to get into it. Love it!
    Nancy xo

  4. Great post...I have avoided pinterest because I simply dont have the time I know it will take once I visit it. So I just enjoy everyone else's posts about it. Love your chairs, check ours out at

  5. Sally, I love Pinterest. I almost wish I didn't know about it. That's all I need is another design addiction. Hope all's well with you. Are you all moved and having a busy Summer?


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