Thursday, April 7, 2011

Paint that Floor!

I've lived with ugly parque flooring in a part of my house for way too many years.  We converted the garage over 20 years ago and it became the space where I painted and crafted and stored stuff....kind of like a GARAGE!  

This is actually after I scrapped up the spilled paint from the floor.
Yuk, huh?

So, I'm repurposing that room, so the floor had to change.  Lots of other things have to change as well...paint, lighting, window much, but the floor had to come first.

I've found lots of inspiration for painted floors, and that seems like an easy (?) quick and cost effective way to bring some personality into the room, so I bought a gallon of "Porch and Floor" paint in SW Tricorn Black and started to paint.

Knowing what kind of crud had been on the floor, I primed it first.
I quickly realized that I didn't want white floors.  

It's a good thing I had vision at this point!

Side note......Keeping the Big Dog out of the excitement proved to be more than I counted on.

Nice!! He had to walk around with a painted paw for a couple of days!  

I knew immediately when I got the first roll of black paint on that it was the perfect choice for this space. 

Now on to the fun part! 
I searched the internet for the perfect stencil motif, but alas,  I didn't find what I wanted.
So I taped together 4 large sheets of drawing paper and drew my own.  

Now...for those of you who do everything perfectly, you'll just have to excuse me.  I cut the design out with sissors because I couldn't find a sharp ex-acto knife, and then I traced the outline of the cutout on the floor with a white crayon.  No stenciling !  It was too much trouble to get the acetate and cut the stencil, so I improvised!

Here my first row of motifs.  The next row will stagger this one.  
I like !

I've now drawn all the motifs on the floor, so I'll be done soon ( Ha!)  putting on the 4 coats of white paint that I need for coverage and then 2 coats of polyurethane!  Yay!

I think I'm going to like it when It's finished !  


  1. LOVE IT! I'm dying to paint my scuffed up floors black also! I swear my husband will come home one day and it will just be done!!!

  2. Omgosh you are super woman!!This is going to look amazing I love the design you are adding it looks wonderful!! Black and white delight!! Kathysue

  3. Love the pattern! Tricorn black is such a great true black. Can't wait to see your finished project.

  4. Oh my goodness, this looks amazing! You are brave, and what a lot of work. Love the dark paint color and the design you created, I can't wait to see this finished! Are you going to seal it afterwards, or let it get a worn look? Looking forward to what you do with the entire room.

  5. WOW - I'm always so impressed with your ambitious projects, But the results will be worth it!! Looking fabulous already!!

  6. Wow! You are a talented artist, I am impressed!


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