Monday, April 4, 2011

Glam It Up!

What's the most "girly" space in a home?
The dressing table, of course.  

Picture yourself, Hollywood style, sitting in your satin dressing gown, silver hairbrush and mirror set before you, combing through your curls before a night on the town with the most handsome and debonair man in town!

Jean Harlow

EEEK.....reality check!!!

I don't know about you, but the only thing I have in common with the women of Jean Harlow's day is maybe red fingernail polish! 

But I do love the idea of the dressing table.....a completely personal space.....not a sharing space with the rest of the family....a spot where we can direct all our attention on ourselves!  Novel thought!

I don't know about you, but I have a dressing table that I don't use.  I'm a "stand-up-at-the-bathroom-sink"  kind of girl, although, after seeing the pictures for this post, I might just change my mind.  I think I may have to go girly!

Ideal Home Magazine

Maison Decor UK

Architect Design Blog

Shabby Chic Dressing

Marcel Wanders Studio

Alexander Johnson, Photographer

121 Studio

Belle Maison

Edwina Drummond Boose

Lucid Interior Design

Emma Victoria

Empire of Design

So, can you get your "girl" on???


  1. Like the idea and look! It would require sitting down for a few minutes though, standing is much faster!! :) Janell

  2. How I wish I had the space in my bathroom for an area like this. I do have room in our master bedroom but always wonder if it's practical if there isn't water nearby-I constantly have mascara malfunctions that need water!

  3. Love the glamour of the third image...wonderful!!

  4. Oh how I wish I had a little space that was all about glam and all about me. Not only do we not have the space for it but I doubt I keep my daughter away from it!

  5. I have always loved this idea, but never have had the space to have one. Loved the image of the huge round mirror, that is a great idea, Kathysue

  6. I love a glam dressing table. I have an antique kidney shaped desk for my dressing table in front of a huge antique Louis French mirror. It's just so comfortable sitting there that it's often a problem getting out the door on time. Love, love the antique mirror on the table in the image from Architect Design Blog. Great post. Mona

  7. I saw your blog and wanted to let you know I have forwarded it to my wife. She is an accountant and has a client her who is an older, struggling interior designer who has not yet embraced on line marketing. I have given her your blog address and FB site to look at for inspiration.

  8. I love the idea
    in theory, but I'm
    afraid that I'd make
    too big a mess!! You
    know, powder all over
    the place. But these
    pics are very, very
    xx Suzanne


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