Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Designer "Tear Sheet" Thursday

This week's designer tear sheet is a pair of chrome lanterns from the Winsor Collection from Riado and available to the trade at Taylor's on Ten in the Dallas World Trade Center. I love the sleek, rectangular shape in highly polished chrome juxtaposed to the chunky leather handle.
Available in two sizes, they look great together or can certainly stand alone.  

But lanterns are not new.  We know they were carried around in the middle ages, so how difficult is it to bring something fresh to this ancient accessory?

Made to look old, these classic lanterns make a statement when grouped together.

Duomo lantern from Restoration Hardware

Traditional shapes, colonial or French renaissance, continue to be a popular choice for pendants and chandeliers.


Contemporary designers have streamlined the lantern shape making this classic fit well into more transitional spaces.  Whether candle-lit or electrified they bring a beautiful ambiance to every space they grace.

Laura Casey Interiors


Urban Electric Lanterns

And even if you get creative and make your own, lanterns bring a great style wherever you decide to hang them!

Fancy Little Things Blog

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  1. Sally, I love all of your lantern images. They give such great ambiance, too! Love the image with the barn setting - makes me miss the ponies!

  2. I love the square, verdigris lanterns in the white kitchen. I'll have to check out Urban Electric.

  3. GM Sally, There is nothing prettier at night than a group of lanterns with candlelight. I love sitting outside at night with lanterns all around. I really like the two verdigris lanterns pictured above, they are wonderful. Happy Thursday!!
    PS thank you for your comment on my post yesterday. It is really interesting to read all the comments. It has created quite a dialogue!! You are right!! The best part about blogging is meeting someone like YOU!! KS

  4. I absolutely love lanterns in home decor.... great post Sally!

  5. Love, love, love lanterns. Favorite form of lighting. Mona

  6. So many varieties, Hard to choose any one, Fantastic Items for Home Decor.


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