Saturday, June 4, 2011

I need your help.

I have a great coffee and silver base and a cherry tray top.  I love the lines on the base...a little curvy yet simple and sleek.

What's that huge, black blob on the floor, you ask?
That's Henry, Big Dog, totally passed out from his busy day at Doggie Day Camp!
(He goes every Friday and sleeps most of the weekend so I can get things done!)
I couldn't get him to move to take the pic!

Sleepy dog!

Anyway, here's where I need your help.  I want to do something interesting on my coffee table.  I need ideas!!  What kind of vignette would you create?  Why is it so easy to design beautiful spaces for other people and so hard to do it for myself??

I need a little collaboration here!

Although I'm sure the remotes will spend some time here I don't want them to be a focal point like they are in this pic.

I see alot of books on coffee tables...stacked, open, color coordinated.

Christopher and Suzanne Sharp's London flat

A little sensory overload for me in this one!

Pinterest - Jane Gallant 

Candles and lanterns are always good.

Markham Roberts

Mi Casa Reformadas

I'll just take the view in this one!


I see a lot of flowers on coffee tables.

Christina Rottman in House Beautiful

but maybe this is a little too much floral going on.

photo by Michael Partenio

Victoria Pearson's home via Martha Stewart

I don't have a huge goddess head to use, so don't suggest that!

Decor pad
I do like the horn on this one.

Objects d' art  and shells are a popular choice.

Jeffers Design Group

John Derian

Martha Stewart

Way too much to dust here....remember, black dog hair everywhere.

Pinterest -

Love the pop of color in the orange boxes, but a little too much stuff for me. 

Decorator to the stars, Ozzy and Sharon Osborne (and many others !), Martyn Lawrence Bullard, used all of these elements on an entry table in the Osborne's home.
I guess "The Hand" in black is an homage to Ozzy....I'll pass.

Martyn Lawrence Bullard via Architectural Digest

A tray table like mine is a bit more of a challenge because flat objects don't work well, so we have to think vertically, but not too high because we don't want to obscure TV viewing!

Apartment Therapy

....and I think I'll keep my shoes in the closet!

I like the clean lines of this vignette....and the crown doesn't hurt either.

Decor pad

So, any unique ideas out there in decorator land for this designer who's run out of ideas to decorate her own home???  

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  1. I like the vignette in the one with "the view"

  2. I would get a mirrored box to put the remotes in. A pretty vase of flowers and one special item that you would like to pick up and look at, like a shell, geode, John Darian paperweight. Oh a one votive candle by the flowers for night time!!! KS
    PS Love the tray table!!!

  3. Form follows function. My coffee table in the family room is tole, and can take a drink ring, or a coffee cup. I change the books on it to tantalize my girls and guests. Sometimes I have history time-lines, Art books, my latest interior design book or magazines--even a juicy tabloid. Any divine distraction that I find to be fun.

  4. Since it appears the tv is in that room (ie remotes) and the table is functional I would get a hammered or distressed metal box for the remotes, keep a vase that you can change out with the seasons full of fresh flowers and that would be it. The vase could be a hurricane full of seashells for summer, bright sunflowers in the fall etc. Looking forward to seeing what you choose.

  5. Definitely a box for the remotes...and then my go toos are always beautiful coffee table books either travel , art or design. Candles and flowers. My new mantra is less is more. The table doesn't look real big so as you already know editing down to the perfect mix is key.

  6. I know what you mean about getting stumped on your own house. It seems I don't have time to think about my own! I'd definitely do a box of some kind for the remotes, maybe a carved wood of some kind. It can hold highlighters and pencils too. I love books and decor magazines. A candle of some kind is always nice. I like Kathysue's idea of a geode or piece of quartz. Odd numbers like maybe three items seems appropriate for your size of table. Can't wait to see what you choose!

  7. I'm with KS, a
    lovely box for the
    remotes! Always,
    a favorite candle,
    whether it be via
    a lantern or just a
    pretty votive; some
    natural element and
    then I rotate books
    that relate to the
    season. Nothing new
    here, I guess! I'm
    not big on clutter,
    so I like to have
    about 2/3 free table
    xx Suzanne
    PS: LOVE your big old
    PPS: You were so right
    about the downtime....
    Gracie is a wee bit better
    today and I enjoyed my
    catch up HGTV time : )

  8. Well, since you asked I would keep it simple. Some favorite coffee table books, pretty candlesticks and a plant or flowers to soften and give it life. Much more than that is a dusting nightmare!


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