Thursday, November 11, 2010

Black and White – A Neutral Every One Can Love!

I was quick to ditz neutrals on the blog the other day.  It was a case of “open mouth- insert foot”  I guess!  It’s not that I hate neutrals.  I really appreciate them and love monochromatic rooms.  I just think SOME color is more interesting…..just me!
However, there is a neutral combination that always works for me because it’s a classic, fits into any trend and always looks fresh and new……..
(I know Kathysue is doing the happy dance!)  Check out her blog and see what I mean!
Just thought I’d share some fabulous uses of black and white with you today and prove that I can see great design without a lot of color! 
Photo by Melanie Acevedo,
Photo by Melanie Acevedo

Caldwell  Flake 4
Caldwell Flake Interior Design
Diane Bergeron
Diane Bergeron, Interior Designer
Lisa Martensen ID paper  by Studio Pintworrks
Lisa Martinsen, Interior Designer
Caldwell  Flake 9
Caldwell Flake, Interior Designers
Allessandra Branca
Alessandra Branca, Interior Designer
romo's simonii in linen.

Caldwell  Flake
Caldwell Flake, Interior Designers
Cushions 032
 Robin Bell Design Inc_
Robin Bell, Interior Designer
Practice what I preach…..Here’s one from us.
craig black and white
Sally J. Designs
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  1. okay, I just keep repeating omg as I scrolled down the page. This is a color scheme that is just so incredibly inspiring and gorgeous. Particularly am drawn to the room with the blue grasscloth and the room above with its check headboard!

    I would be honored if you stop by my post today and weigh in on my question...asking all my favorite bloggers! Thanks, Janell

  2. I love the crispness (is that a word) brings to a space, and I particularly love it with when mixed with a hit of lime green, hot pink or yellow!

  3. Black and white are still colors! There is nothing wrong with black and white spaces if that is what you love.. they actually showcase any color you do bring in - bits of flowers, art.. Kim was right on, these spaces are crisp.

  4. Love your bedding!! All great examples!

  5. Happy dance, Happy Song and a Happy face whenever I see black and white. Love it. That one bedroom with the yellow corbel sconces is amazing. You were right about me being a Happy girl,Kathysue

  6. I love black and white. Love it! These are great examples ... I especially like the first bedroom pic - that bed is amazing!

  7. Oooh! love all those black and white designs, especially the powder room. I, too, have written about decorating with black and white and you can see it here.

  8. ADORE black and white. I love so many of these images but I think my two favorites are the Alesandra Branca - she is always so chic and the the dark Caldwell Flake room - I've always wanted to do a dark room like this and of course the Kelly Wearstler paper on the ceiling makes it!!

  9. I love black and white...will never tire of it. Such pretty images. Hope you are having a wonderful weekend, Sally. XO, Mona


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