Sunday, November 21, 2010

I’m Inspired!

I must look at hundreds of images every week in preparation for writing DivineDistractions.  I keep a massive image file on my laptop, and whenever I need inspiration, I go peruse a file or two. 
That’s what I’ve been doing today, and I thought it might be fun to share some pictures today of things that are inspiring me.

This dining room was designed by interior designer, Antonia Hutt.
Antonia Hutt ID 
I just made the comment in the studio last week that I was really tired of the blue and brown color scheme, and then I saw this room!  I love that she took a risk and painted the walls this rich, deep brown, and then she balanced it with these icy blue drapes.  I think the effect is just luscious, don’t you?  The white on all the woodwork and in the background of the rug join with the beautiful light coming in to make the space feel bright and cheerful. Adding in the neutral gold as a third color creates a beautiful balance.  The pink tulips provide the perfect, unexpected element to the space. 

Could this inspired you to go dark with your walls?

Kathryn Scott Designs Parker Summer house NJ
This room by Kathryn Scott Interiors, inspires me to remember to think about symmetry when I’m designing a space.  Check out all the multiples that are balanced throughout the room…..matching lantern chandeliers,  vases on the mantle, small sconces in the windows (which seems interesting to me anyway?), matching chairs facing one another, pillows on the sofa….all pairs that draw your vision to the incredible color in the art over the fireplace.  

 Surely, this art piece was the inspiration for the whole room, don’t you think?

Tom ford's apt in Manhattan
And then the masterful, Tom Ford, show us how an asymmetrical arrangement can work to draw the eye around the room as well.  Don’t you love his advice at the top of the page?  This photo inspires me to think of new and interesting ways to draw attention to the focal points in a room.

vicente wolfs home as in Lonny mag
This photo from Vicente Wolf’s home inspires a couple of ideas for me.  If you’ve followed my blog for a while, you know I am more Team Color than Team Neutral, but I don’t know if it’s the playfulness of the gallery wall or the amazing shot of yellow-gold in the sunflowers, but I’m liking this all white space!  I know…shocker!  I love the way the art is framed and grouped….so random, and yet SOOO planned! I’d love to have my morning coffee here if I wasn’t so afraid of spilling it on all the white!

This must be the smallest powder room on the planet, but interior designer, Stephanie Marsh-Fillbrant, has created beauty and interest as well as functionality in a space no bigger than a closet. I’m inspired to consider difficult spaces as opportunities to think out of the box and create something that delights.  What a cool little space!

Barbara Barry
Here’s another small space bursting with personality!  The wallpaper designed by Barbara Barry (you can see it in person at my studio!) is just fun!  I love that it takes this bathroom to a whimsical place, yet it is tailored and modern and oh, so sophisticated.  I’m inspired to think of the smallest details….the ribbon over the seams, the skirt which allows us to focus on the wallpaper rather than plumbing parts, the shape of the basin which mirrors the shape of the mirror frame, the retro design of the fixtures and those tiny, precious wall sconces.  Just a very complete space!

I love a round dining table.  I love this one from John Saladino because it so represents the kind of dinners I love to have…..casual, yet elegant, mixing the simple linens with the beautiful tableware…lovely carafs of wine, comfortable seating in a majestic setting.  I love the intimacy of sitting at a round table where talking across the table is encouraged, and lingering is the order of the evening.  Delightful!!

Well, I could go on and on with inspiration photos, but the real world calls with a list as long as my arm!  I hope you enjoy taking a few moments every once in a while to just be inspired!  I hope you always find inspiration here.

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  1. Sally this is a great line-up and every single image had great personality and character. They all looked like they took a process,never contrived. that is what I call good design. Really well thought out post dear friend,Kathysue

  2. Hi Sally,

    I adore that tiny powder room. So serene!
    I wonder if that's Venetian plaster on the left wall- did it say?

    And Tom Ford's cool chair- hmmm...


  3. I love all of these photos, especially that little powder bath! Just exquisite! Thanks for the post.

  4. I think so many of us have huge photo files. I know I do. Inspiring images always make me feel good.

  5. I love the images that you have chosen to save and to share here.

  6. Don't you think it's the chartreuse that freshens up the palette in that first pick? I love How Vicente Wolf displays art - it's so freeing! No holes to patch, endless opportunity for change :)

  7. Such wonderful inspiration! I agree the first dining room is wonderful, I love dark rich wall colors, and the thing I like the most about the room is the green living on the blue curtains. LOVE the symmetry in the first living room too.

    xo Linda

  8. I love Antonia Hutt's dining room and of course Vicente Wolf's gallery corner!

  9. Gosh, that dining room designed by Antonia Hutt is just gorgeous. I am usually not a big fan of dark wall colors but this picture surely changed my thinking.

  10. I also love how intimate a round table can be! Although I also like the brown dining room. Enjoy a lovely day, Kellie xx

  11. Great photos! LOVE the first image and funny because I was getting tired of brown and light blue also - but this doesn't have that trying too hard hip look - it is elegant yet light - the green really adds something. And I love the little powder with the Barbara Barry paper - what a fun space!

  12. I love the color combination of the first image, too! Sally, have a wonderful Thanksgiving. Thanks for your friendship and for being a supporter of my blog!

  13. What a lovely post, I need to post this on my facebook! Love it!


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