Friday, November 5, 2010

Return to Love….uh…I mean….Color

I was catching up on Facebook this morning, and my friend and fellow designer, Wanda Horton, posted an article that caught my eye.

The title “Neutrals are Out….Bold Colors are In” was like the angles descending and the heavens opening up!

I’ve been waiting for this day!!  (Not that I’ve ever hitched my train to the neutral bandwagon).

restoration hardware

Restoration Hardware catalog
How do you stay awake in this room??

My theory is that these mass marketers (who make all their furniture and accessories overseas somewhere), have discovered that if they don’t give you any options and keep everything neutral, then they make more money!

I have nothing against making money, but just don’t try to convince me it’s good design!

While this room, and many others in a neutral theme, do incorporate the elements and principles of good design otherwise, leaving out color is like eliminating salt from frenchfries or eating oatmeal for every meal !

So I was elated to read that “They” have decided that color is back… it ever really left!

Isn’t this just more fun?
house and home  photo simon kenny
House and Home – Simon Kenny, Photographer

Doesn’t this stir the senses a little more?
Martha Stewart
Martha Stewart

Even when color is subdued, it can be interesting.
photo Tracy Shumate
Photo – Tracy Shumate

Doesn’t this just make you happy?
I Elaine Griffin for Home Goods
Elaine Griffin for Home Goods

In reality, there aren’t bad colors….neutrals aren’t bad either. 
They are necessary to ground a space, but I’m  just grateful to see a little more life in my color palette.

What say you?  Team neutral or Team color?

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  1. Thank the Lord color is back (although in my house, it never went away!) Love the Martha Stewart pic - the black border is such a nice detail!

  2. My house is full of color. I love neutrals but pops of color make a house a home.

  3. Beautiful bright colors do make me happy, but I must admit I like a lot of neutral designs too. Especially when contrast is actively (and cleverly) used.

    Happy weekend!

  4. MUST HAVE THAT STRIPED CHAIR!!!! Hello HEAVEN!!!! This makes me want to go buy a couple of gallons of paint and get to work!

  5. Sally,

    I love all of the color, and if using neutrals use art, pillows, fabric and make it pop!

    Come and enter my new Giveaway....I know you will love it!!

    Art by Karena

  6. Agree! Color brings personality to a space. I'm really tired of all the plain in design right now. One of my clients pulled out the RH catalog and wanted everything in it. I tried to tell them once a look (Belgian, Vervoordt, in this case) hits retail it's over. Buying a look from a catalog doesn't speak to your past or your personality.....nor does it have longevity. What will you like when RH comes out with the next great thing, next year?

  7. I appear to be alone in this but I tend to gravitate to the soothing neutrals and then pop them with color but I am getting a bit tired of the the greige. Beautiful photos!

  8. One look at my kitchen and you know I'm TEAM COLOR!!! That photo above with the turquoise wall just makes me smile.


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