Sunday, November 7, 2010

Thanksgiving when you don’t “Do” orange.

 If you’ve been reading my blog this year, even a little bit, you know that I love the colors of fall….orange, gold, rust and reds…throw in a little purple for good measure. 

I’m in my element in the fall…..AHHHHH!
 But what if you don’t love the warm tones of fall?   How do you do a beautiful Thanksgiving table that works with your decor and still symbolizes this special time of year?
Have I got a post for you!

Whoever learned to engineer a white pumpkin opened the doors for fall tablescapes to be so much more than shades of orange and red. 

Pair it with copper or black…
whitepumpkin phto by bobbi fabian 
photo by Bobby Fabian
Or shades of green and pewter.
martha stewart 3
Martha Stewart
Or even gray.
Chrisine Lemiux of Dwell Studio
Christine Lemiux of Dwell Studio
Other neutrals work equally as well.  
Go shiny rather than colorful like this setting from event planner extraordinaire, Colin Cowie.
colin cowie
Colin Cowie
Or shades of natural
nuts-centerpiece-good housekeeping
Good Housekeeping
Or chocolate.
country living 7Country Living
  Or just hints of color….nobody does it better than Martha!
martha stewart 4
Martha Stewart
But what if you like more than a hint of color?
Purple is becoming a real player in the world of design, so it’s only natural it would show up in holiday decor.  It complements the fall tones so well, and it seems that everyone is doing it!
Eddie ross
Eddie Ross
martha stewart 2
Martha Stewart
ralph lauren
Ralph Lauren
Do you need a little more encouragement to decorate out of the box this Thanksgiving?
I think we’ve thrown the rules away!

Shabby Chic does Thanksgiving!
A cottage industry
A Cottage Industry
No body goes over the top better than Preston Bailey.
( This is actually his family Thanksgiving table! )
preston bailey
Preston Bailey
My favorite tablescape of the season is this one that Eddie Ross did for Lonny magazine!
Eddie Ross Lonny mag
Eddie Ross
Inspired yet?  You can DO IT!
(If you need help, call me!)
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  1. Sally I ran right over when I saw NO Orange!! lol. You know this is exactly what I do No Orange. All great alternatives!!! Happy Sunday,Kathysue

  2. I love orange, but banished it this year from our fall table.. must be something in the air! That purple table took my breath away - and I'm not a huge purple fan..great examples!

  3. WOW Sally, What wonderful ideas! I like the Blue plates under the brown and white. I have brown and white already. Might try that sometime.And I want that crystal ball on the roots.

  4. What great options, Sally! I have an orange-free zone myself and am hosting dinner at my place! I love those feathers...

  5. aww thank you so much!!!!

  6. I love all these ideas, especially the white pumpkins. Beautiful fall tablescapes!

  7. Hey sweet Sally!
    Love all of these!
    Preston's table is
    I have been enjoying
    punches of orange
    but am also drawn
    to the first picture
    of the white and copper.
    Great inspiration ~
    and it's not that far
    xx Suzanne

  8. I agree that the white pumpkin has really opened a world of possibilities, and these are all great examples! Love what Colin did with the branches, too...

  9. These are some great inspirations, love the untraditional look. Janell

  10. You continue to inspire! I agree with the white pumpkins. They are all stunning tables capes..I'd be losing my mind! You deserve the attention, this is just gorgeous options.Thanks for sharing.

  11. YUP! Purple is a playa all right! Amazing round up and so very inspiring! :)


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