Tuesday, March 29, 2011

How to get your Life together (or the Great Spring Clean-Out)

I've been Spring cleaning.

Actually, I've cleaned out like I have never cleaned out before.  I've been nicknamed "The Editor" around the studio these days.  At home, I am purging and eliminating so many things that I've been clinging on to for YEARS, asking  myself Why?? with every box I take to the trash.

So now that all the extraneous stuff is out, organization is the key to creating a beautiful space.   Luckily, blogland is full of ideas for creating an organized home  and office.  

Check out some images that are inspiring me to get it together around here.

Making It Lovely Blog



Posted on Houzz by Naps Beneath the Porch Blog

Maryika Byskiniewicz

Jacobs Design,Inc


Cozy Little House Blog

The Vintage Gltter House


Ok....inspiration over...Go clean something!!

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  1. I am completely with you! So liberating, right? I just need to make sure all the empty space doesn't get re-filled!

  2. Thanks for the inspiration Sally. I may just plunge through my office today. It needs it so badly.

  3. Oh Sally, I am so there mentally but getting the body to move in the right direction has been my problem of late!! You are an inspiration to me on so many levels!!! You have been a cleaning machine lately and it will feel so good when you have it all done and you can go forward I am totally impressed with you. xo Kathysue

  4. Organized beauty. That is really what I aspire to. Ah, one day.

  5. Feeling I need to get started on this too after seeing these images...amazing!!

  6. Oh, I will! The garage is next on my list of areas to clean up, every time I go through it the space drives me crazy with its mess! Janell

  7. Wow - lots of organized inspiration here. I have that white pottery barn furniture in my office - now I'm sorry I never ordered the corner piece!!


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