Sunday, May 15, 2011

Hello....It's me!

It feels like I've been gone from the blog for ages....
It has been 10 days, which is unusual for me.

I've been moving.  and moving.....and moving!  
Much more to do than I ever anticipated, but Sally J. Designs is now operational in my new home studio.  I've purged and purged and trashed and packed away so much stuff!  I knew I had a lot of fabric and wallpaper books and hundreds of fabric samples, but I so underestimated what I had to find room for.  There is still much to do, but we all have workspaces, the computers and phones are up and rolling and we're putting plans together for projects on the boards.  I'm not ready for visitors yet, but I'll welcome friends and clients really soon.  

In the meantime,  there is much inspiration out in blog land.  
Many of my readers are aware of the newest online magazine, House of Fifty, written and produced by my friend Janell Beals .  

But if Janell is new to you, I'm thrilled to introduce her to you.  Check out the premier issue of this wonderful online magazine.  

Be sure and read the opening letter from Janell to learn why she decided to create House of Fifty.  As one who changed careers  just before I turned 50, I am always jazzed by women who refuse to let age get in their way of achieving their dreams and aspirations.  

House of Fifty is not just about interior design.  It is a magazine that showcases the many facets of our lives, and there is no doubt that there is something in this issue for everyone.  

I promise you'll be a fan of Janell just like I am.  She also writes one of the best blogs out there,   

So while I'm getting my act together, follow the links to House of Fifty and Isabelle and Max's room and be inspired.  
I'll be back soon with more Divine Distractions!


  1. Hi Sally, glad to hear you're getting settled in your new space. I read House of Fifty cover to cover....fabulous! I, too, am so proud to see her pursue her dream later in life. We can't let these young ones have it all yet! :)

    Have a great week! Carla

  2. Hi Sally! Thanks for featuring House of Fifty on your blog today, so honored. Hope your readers enjoy it as well...and looking forward to seeing your office all organized, love the floors! Janell

  3. Hi Sally, Glad to hear that you are working your way out of a huge project. Moving is overwhelming and an office to boot! I feel your pain. We will welcome you back with open arms. Mona

  4. Happy to hear that you're getting organized in your new space... I subscribed to House of Fifty... love it!

  5. thanks for the info -- I do know Janelle and her fun blog, however, I hadn't known about House of Fifty and going over now to check it out....learning something new everyday with such well informed bloggers. Happy I found your site and will be back. best, tamara stephenson


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