Tuesday, May 31, 2011

My Reality Show Addiction.....I confess.....

OK.....tell me to "get a life", but I love watching reality tv shows...mostly on Bravo.  Clearly these folks live more exciting lives than I (or I would be on TV, right?).  

Tonight Million Dollar Decorators premiers, and I can't wait !  Some of the greats from LA are on the show in all their glory (or not!), and I know they will have some great design work to showcase.

I have no inside info, but I believe Martin Lawrence Bullard will be doing over the home of Ozzy and Sharon Osborn, and I came across pics of their home in Architectural Digest.
It is clearly Sharon's tastes that predominate the home with only an homage to Ozzy's bad boy image.  Here are a few of the pics from Architectural Digest.

I was surprised.  How 'bout you?

Here's their bedroom.....yes, Ozzy sleeps here!

Their family room has a touch of Americana to it with the Ralph Lauren tripod lamp and Sharon's collection of folk art and weather vanes.

Now this is Ozzy....black venetian plaster, strange artwork and the Prince-of-darkness chair.

Check out Architectural Digest for more photos and information about this really lovely home.
Are you going to be sitting on the sofa watching Bravo with me tonight!  
Can't wait to see how this goes down!

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  1. Sounds fun, may I join you? I think I've seen this show before, good entertainment! Janell

  2. Bullard will be working on a Los Angeles pied-a-terre for the Osbornes. There's a clip over at Bravo.

    And Bullard is my favorite of the cast! He always has something hilarious to say.

    I will be recapping each episode for Curbed National Wednesdays at noon EST. Hope you'll check it out!

  3. Now this is a reality show that I might just have to watch!!

  4. Their house is gorgeous!! I can't wait for this show... it's going to be great :)

  5. I watched it last night!! Whoa, living large is right!!! It will be fun to see how the show develops, they each have verrrry distinctive personalities!! Linda Merril on Surroundings blog is the Editor at large for the show. I have not read her commentary on it today. Should be interesting though!!! Kathysue

  6. I thought it was great. So glad to have a show about designers on there again! I hope it shows how crazy the clients are, not just the decorators!

  7. Can't wait to watch it on Tivo later! These photos are beautiful....except I'm not a fan of the chair, but otherwise I'm in love.... the house on their reality show was beautiful, too

  8. Looks like a European home of a high profile politician rather than a rock and roller from the past. Nice tour!!


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