Monday, May 2, 2011

What's Old is New Again!

I got married in 1974.  (Divorced in 1989, but that's another story!)

Back then, there were some unalterable traditions that any young southern woman just had to incorporate into the whole engagement scene.  The local newspaper covered the wedding showers with full descriptions of the decor, the food and the attendees.  Proud mothers set up display tables in their dining rooms to show all the pretty wedding gifts as they arrived, and it was customary for friends to come and ooh and ahh over all the pretties that the bride and groom received.  

Our bridesmaids wore big brimmed hats in those days....mine were favorite color at the time.  I guess I've always loved shades of orange!!   I even wore a hat that I designed and made instead of a veil.  

circa 1974
( Isn't this a hoot!....can't wait for my sister to see this!)
...and yes....I was a blond back then!!

We also registered for sterling silver and "everyday" china in addition to our "good" china.  And we got most of it too!  

My everyday china was "Just Flowers" by Mikasa.

Isn't it pretty?  

It was very contemporary at the time.  The shape was modern and the watercolor - look of the design was unusual.  I loved it !  And so did my mother!  She bought an entire 12 pc. placesetting for herself.  We could feed 24 people with the same dishes.  It was wonderful.

Then I went through my "red period'....somewhere in the 90's... and I put away my pretty peach and blue dishes.

They came in these beautiful boxes too.  They even looked pretty put away!

Tuscany was alive an well in my home with red plates, green and gold salad plates and cobalt blue bowls.  I also have a 12pc set of buttery gold, scalloped edge stoneware that I used for the last 5 years or so.  

This weekend, I made the switch.  I've "de-redded" my home over the last several months....Tuscany is only a place in Italy, and I've adopted a more modern and stream-lined transitional look in my home.  And guess what colors I'm using??  Orange, turquoise with the neutrals black, white and khaki.  

So my beautiful dishes from 1974 are back in my kitchen.  I can't wait to feed friends and family once again with "Just Flowers".

What dishes are gracing your kitchen?  

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  1. This was a fun read, I remember this pattern I swear! Smart to get them out and use them often! Janell

  2. What fun! When I married in 1968, the popular color combination was olive green and aqua. My everyday pottery was the daisy pattern and my chine was Windsong by Lenox (actually Solitare with light blue flowers with yellow centers). Did get sick of the daisy pottery and sold it after a few years. My wedding dress was brocade with a flower deisgn that looked a great deal like a daisy as well. was the beginning of the "Flower Child Era" I suppose.

  3. Was married in 1970 and enjoyed yellow daisy theme for the wedding. My dishes were wonderful! An orangey-yellowey (are those words?) daisy pattern. Retired them to the attic in 1984 when I bought service for 12 in solid white Mikasa French Countryside (which I am STILL USING 27 years later). Solitaire Lenox China and stemware. Daughter, Jill, says she wants me to get out the daisy dishes for her - - but I am thinking I want them for myself.

  4. I love your pretty dishes. Won't it be fun to have them out and use them again? I love dishes, I'm embarrassed to say how many different ones I have. I remember playing with dishes when I was a little girl and have never stopped. Hope your enjoying your new office. Mona

  5. Oh my, this looks just like my wedding dress. I even wore a hat, as did my bridesmaids. I had almost forgotten about it. Thanks for the memory (1972).


  6. I think those dishes are gorgeous!! I loved this post.. thank you for sharing this.... I love hearing about all the traditions and seeing your photos.

  7. Great photo Sally! I wore a hat at my wedding too that I embellished myself! Funny how several of us have this in common. Happy Mother's Day ahead!

  8. You are so adorable. 1974 and all the way to 2011 :) Right now I am in an all white plain stage for dishes. Someday I will inherit a beautiful set, so I never registered for my "own" china back in 2000. Some days I wish I had, some days I'm glad I didn't. Great post :) XO, Kelly

  9. How many weddings was I in as a bridesmaid with a large hat? Too many to remember--at least three. What goes around, comes Westminster Abbey hats are always in vogue! Now your dishes are, too. Thank you, Sally, for taking me down memory lane. :)


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