Thursday, May 19, 2011

Making Lemonade

I've got an install tomorrow.  It's one of those where we're running up to the wire to get everything done, but all the elements have arrived and we're ready to go...

well, now we are.

I've had issues with the art work.  We found a set of two coordinating, abstract giclee prints that were the perfect colors for our projects.  We ordered them weeks ago, and waited and waited, and waited.  You know, it would be nice if you let your customers know that the items have been discontinued!!  But no....we finally called and were given the news.  So on the  hunt we go to find a substitute.  Lo and behold, we find what appears to be the same prints on line.  
Ordered and done.....or so I thought!

The came yesterday, and I hated them.  They were stretched canvas but they were unfinished on the edges and there was no texture at all.  They looked flat and had a varnished shine to them... Did I mention that I hated them.

Here they are.

They just looked a little cheap (which they weren't) and a bit tacky.
I've got an install in 48 hrs....what's a designer to do??

Here's what I did! 
I pulled out my trusty palette knife and my acrylic paints and went to work!

I just followed the basic color way of each print with layers of color  and wrapped the color on to the edges.  I wish they were on a thicker gallery wrap, but I think they're going to work.

Here's my "original" !



  1. Sally I would say you made two pitchers of lemonade!!! Great job and you client is so lucky to have you on board!!! BRavo,Kathysue

  2. Wow!!! Much better.... I love those!!

  3. Sally, You did a fabulous job. I just love a woman who digs in there and figures out what has to be done. Wonderful!!!


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