Sunday, May 9, 2010

Pattern, Pattern , Everywhere!!!

I'm working with several clients on projects that encompass a lot of fabric...yeah!!!  Fabric is my "drug of choice" in the design world...well, maybe after PAINT...which I love most. 

It's very interesting to me to see a person's tolerance for pattern.  I have some clients who love pattern and color and want it all around them. 

Todd Alexander Romano, Interior designer

Crosby street Hotel, private event & dining space

 Then I have other clients who love patterns, but prefer something subtle and less obvious. 

Sally Steponkus

Joseph Minton, Riverhills show house for Southern Accents

Then I have some clients...and family members (you know who you are)....who love the interplay of solids and no pattern. 

Elle Decor

Some people love stripes.
Some people hate stripes.

Caroline Paterson

Watergate Apartments, Washington, DC

Some get nervous  when I pull out a mix of 4 or 5 different patterns for the same space.

Sorry, this was in the March issue of something !

Some really want the same pattern everywhere.

Nancy Serafini, Interior Designer
And some just don't want any pattern at all.

As a designer, I think I have to assess early one what my client's tolerance for pattern and color is. I think it's also a part of my job to "push the envelope" for my clients and show them something they would never think of....that IS why they have hired a designer after all.  ( I will admit that they don't always know that's why they've hired me!)

I know my tolerance for bold and inventive uses of pattern and color is pretty high, which is why I get all over the new fabrics when they come in.  For me, it's a litte difficult to get excited about a book of solid chennile when I can look at new book of prints or a modern wallpaper. 

It's often the print and pattern that becomes the inspiration and the color palette in the room.

Fabric by Duralee
Kelly Wearstler for Lee Jofa - Groundworks

Barclay Butera for Kravet
GP&J Baker for Lee Jofa

The pattern often becomes the focal point to the room design.

Traditional Home

Mary McDonald

Sometimes the pattern isn't the 'star', but the backup singer.

JMac and Kennedy Interiors

The pictures in this post clearly show that there is no "right or wrong" when it comes to using or NOT using pattern in your design plan.

It's all about your tastes and how you FEEL.....(How 60's does that sound???)

So, where are you on the pattern/color continuum?


  1. It is hard to get excited about a solid, isn't it ?

  2. It is for me...unless it's a gorgeous velvet or silk. But they don't make my heart skip a beat like a fab print!

  3. I love pattern I use to love when a new wallpaper book or fabric book would come into the design studio I use to work at. I always felt like when we were little and the Sears Roebuck Christmas catalog would come in the mail. I am all over the patterns just like you. Color and design fascinate me more than anything except maybe a Grandbaby, Happy Monday, Great Post!!! You are looking good around here, xo Kathysue

  4. Well, after looking at those pictures, I'm going to say I must have a fairly low tolerance for pattern and definitely lean toward the subtle prints.
    That first picture made my head spin! :)

  5. Thanks for weighing in, Melissa. I think you proved my point that it's important to assess where each client is with regard to pattern. I'm sure you'd be more comfortable in the last lovely picture. That's what's great about design...eveyone is different.
    Thanks for stopping by.

  6. Sally, that third image "does it" for me. I love pattern but in an edited way. Great post, as always!

  7. Woe, hard to pick a favorite! These are all so gorgeous! Stop by The Zhush for a fun giveaway!!!

  8. I am with you on colour and pattern.
    Great images.

  9. What a great post! I, too, think it is our job to push the envelope a little. Many of my clients joke about what I'm coming through the door with next. Thanks for stopping by RHS. I really appreciate it. You're the best.


  10. Unbelievable! I LOVE patterns and fabrics! I really want to do a fabric-covered wall panel, we have super high ceilings in the living room and I think it might be easier than painting, and have more impact! This is my favorite post of the day!

  11. I like pattern in small doses. These are beautiful images!

  12. Thanks for the shout out. Hello, my name is Amanda and I hate patterns. :)

  13. I knew you would recognize yourself !!!
    Love you, girl!


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