Monday, May 3, 2010

To Paint, or not to that the question????

Anyone who knows me knows that I will paint anything that isn't nailed down. 

It's easy for me, because,'s just paint! 

But last week I had the discussion twice with different clients questioning my advise to paint their ceilings.  It's interesting to me that there is so much angst about color on a ceiling.

When did the rule book come out that says that ceilings must be white?  And who wrote it?  I really want to know, because historically, ceilings in Europe were decorated more than any other wall in the house.

Versailles Castle - Paris, France

Now, mind you, I wasn't interesting in being this dramatic.

I wasn't even trying to get them to do simple clouds on the ceiling.

RONALD LAYMAN, Mural artist

or French style moldings....

or crazy stripes....

Sara Story, Interior Designer
I wasn't even suggesting a contrasting color....
(although, I'd do this for me in a heartbeat!)

I just wanted to take the neutral wall color on to the ceiling to minimize all the angles.
Like this....

or this.....
or even this....

I love a painted ceiling.  What do you think? 
Am I in a parallel universe or something?
Help me here!  
What's your take on painted ceilings?


  1. The white ceiling rule is a mystery. It is cheaper because you can use the same boring white on all of the ceilings and do not have to mix up a lighter/or other color for the ceiling in every room. I was always told it made the ceiling feel higher and gave it the natural "air on top" look. However - I notice that I am most attracted to beams/rafters and joists being exposed overhead which is pretty heavy looking even if done in white. And then there are the headbands - love that look - and it might lose the punch if the top part of the wall and the ceiling are white. Good topic. It started me thinking about trying something different next time.

  2. Sally I love painted ceiling I have my living room a pretty sage green with french vanilla walls and white crown,yum. My guest room is my favorite, french vanilla walls and an ice blue ceiling with white crown. I want to do my entry and hall way but have not decided what color will work. I so agreen with painting the wall color up on a ceiling like in the room you showed otherwise it dwarfs the room and makes it more ceiling than wall, you are absolutely right on this one, have you shown your client rooms without painted ceiling in that type of room,I think it looks so much more connected painted the same as the wall in this case. here is a post I did a while ago if you want more examples and I show my two ceiling painted.I call it the 5th wall
    Have a wonderful Tuesday, sweet friend!! Kathysue

  3. You absolutely cannot ignore the ceiling. After all, it is the 5th wall. Painting the ceiling brings the eye upward to view all of the room not just the lower perimeter.
    It can be subtle or make a statement depending upon the style of the room and the homeowner's preference.

  4. I like a painted ceiling, but my hubby is a different story. He is very old school. He thinks all molding should be white, like the ceiling.

  5. OK, I give in! In fact I join enthusiastically.
    I LOVE the clouds you painted on my girly office/sewing room in this house.
    In my new house you can paint my ceilings!

  6. You're preaching to the choir, girl. I love painted (and papered) ceilings! I think most folks are like my husband - if they don't see something like this everywhere they think you shouldn't do it (herd mentality?)which is a shame - such a missed opportunity for fabulousness!

  7. Oh my gosh, HOW could you argue with paint on ceilings?? I would paint every single one, if I could! Tell them to trust you and GO FOR IT!!

  8. I am right there with you! I have at least 3 light blue ceilings, and several wallpapered ones, and not necessarily in the same wallpaper as the walls! That purple ceiling in that image gets my heart beating fast every time I see it! Your clients are lucky to have you!

  9. Absolutely paint the ceilings!!
    It finishes the picture you are painting. I cannot imagine my ceiling being white.

  10. Thanks everyone, for weighing in. I love these clients and they have a really cool house...just need to be convincing! Wish me luck!

  11. I think they make a house look finished! and you have to be careful with the colours that have pink in them. Otherwise, they are fabulous!

  12. I like subtle ceilings, probably because we rented a house once that had flower wallpaper on the master bedroom ceiling. I never got over that! However, my youngest daughter painted her living room ceiling a hint of blue and it makes the room. Great post!

  13. I am redesigning a bedroom in our home and I was thinking of painting the ceiling almost that exact color of purple and leaving the walls a creamy white. I know it will look beautiful in my house because it looks fabulous here. Thanks for sharing.

  14. I love, love, love attention to a ceiling. Painted, coffered, trim work...I don't ignore ceilings....some are white, but generally I like to include the ceiling in the design scheme. Fabulous post.


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