Friday, May 28, 2010

The King of Colors

According to this month's edition of Traditional Homes, purple is the new "go to" color this year.  Every shade, from deep aubergine to sweet lavender, are making headlines this year. 

I've noticed that the designer fabric lines are bringing more purple into the showrooms, and clients are embracing the color as an accent and as a main player in the color palatte. 

Here are a few of my favorites.

Lugano Satin by Osbourne and Little

Fabrics aren't the only materials sporting the hues of purple.
Wallpaper, which is a hot trend itself, plays up all the rich shades

Suzy Hoodless for Osbourne and Little

Anna French

Fioretti in purple and gold

Flooring manufacturerers are even getting in on the fun.

The Rug Market

Tibetan - Dragon Border Brick

HNZ by Henzel

Would you prefer paint?
Farrow and Ball paints has a great line of trendy purples in their color lineup.

.....And who can forget the accessories??

Arabesque coffee table by Dakota Jackson

Brocade Home

Barn in Soft Light - Wolf Kahn

Century Furniture

Context is everything......


Can you find a place in your heart and home for King Purple? 

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  1. As a child, all I wanted to wear was I go to plum. The purples speak to me. Love the throw!

  2. Love the purple family color. I did my master with purple accent and hearth tone and I believe it made me relax more.BTW this is second time around, I used this color palette 20 year ago.

  3. Sally I love to look at rooms with purple but I am not a fan in my own home. I will say I always have purple in my flowers out front and in bouquets in the house, I do love a purple flower. I think the Lee Jofa fabrics are amazing and would have fun working on a project with any of those fabs. I guess King Purple knocked Prince turqouise off the throne,hehe. Have a wonderful long weekend, sweet friend, Kathysue
    I got the cushions for my porch, I have a little sneak peek posted yesterday. I am in Looooove with them.

  4. ah, i just love violets and purples. always have, so i'm thrilled to see them showcased in the marketplace these days. so glad you included Wolf Kahn- aren't his pieces beautiful?

    thanks for your comment on my blog!

  5. I had an immediate reaction to Khan's painting....I love the soft brush strokes and the palette...just so beautiful!

  6. I just found your blog and am enjoying looking at some past posts! Loving some of the purples that are coming around now, so find your post fun and inspiring with all the gorgeous fabrics, wallpapers and paint. I agree with you about Khan's draws you in.

  7. Hi Sally! I have not been a huge fan of purple but I am coming around. I do love it is an accent color, especially with chartreuse and brown.

  8. It's had to grow on me too, Kim. I love the combination of augergine, copper and red for a rich fall look. In the spring, I like the blueish purples with chartruese and white.

  9. I'm loving that Lee Jofa wallpaper, love purple too !

  10. I hope you thought of me when you posted this! :) I'm ADDICTED to purple. I need rehab! Oh, and I wish I could fall into that purple bed every night!!

  11. Of course I did, Abby! You have the coolest nursery ever in lavender green and gray! Very trendy combination! And we can get that purple bedroom for you whenever you're ready too.

  12. I don't know if I'd have the courage to commit to walls papered or painted purple, but a lavender accent pillow or a vase, definitely.

  13. Love these purples, Sally! I can get used to purple being this year's color, now I've gotten tired of turquoise! One of my greatest design accomplishments ever was my deep red living room with a purple velvet slipcovered sofa - it totally worked! Great picks!

  14. I'm with you on the turquoise, Shari. I've done so many rooms with it that I need a break! Purple in some shape or form may a great direction to move toward.

  15. The last image speaks to me, the purple is toned down against the gorgeous pales walls. When it comes to this color I like it as an accent...but it may grow on me!

  16. I knew it! I have been saying it was coming. I finally get to do a room in purple..yeah!


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