Sunday, May 2, 2010

The Real Stuff

I've had a little break in my blogging this weekend, but I've got a very good reason to focus elsewhere.

Look who lit up my life at 6am Saturday morning!

My daughter, Amanda, and her husband, Brad, introduced  me to my newest grandson, Jackson Allen, today.....all 8lbs 12oz of him! 

There's just something about your baby having a baby that is a bit surreal.   The other weirdness is that they are in Delaware where Brad serves as a C-17 pilot for the USAF, and I'm in Dallas, so I spent Friday night with the phone in my hand instead of sitting in a waiting room. 

Grandmotherhood is an amazing institution, and I've gone into it's ranks full force in the last six months. 

My son, Matt, and DIL , Erin brought baby Tyler into the world only 6 months ago.

He's waiting for baby Jackson to arrive as well.

Everyone told me that being a grandmother was their most joyous role, and I am learning that that is truth, but it's not because you can give them back to your children when they get fussy.  It's more because you can be so much more authentic with them than you could with your own children.  I know myself so much better at 58 than I did at 28, and it seems that it's just easier to release and let the unconditional love flow!

I'll be back into design mode shortly, but thanks for allowing me to detour into what REALLY matters today.

Lovey, signing off.........


  1. Oh Sally, congratulations!! It is the most wondrous time of our lives to be a Grammy.It is hard to put into words. I agree that it is not the letting them go back to their parents,I always feel sad at that point. It is the time that we take and have to enjoy each and every little nuance. We know what is about to come because we went through it with our own, but when a grandchild does it, it is like it is the very first time you see the happening. They are pure Joy and love wrapped up in a perfect little bundle. Much love and Happiness to your beautiful family,your grand sons are beautiful, xo Kathysue

  2. WOW! Gorgeous baby...Congrats to you! The hippest coolest Grandma in the blogosphere! So happy for you and your beautiful family!

  3. Sally, you must be thrilled! I for one cannot wait til grandmotherhood! All that spoiling and loving without the discipline! Enjoy (and by the way he is beautiful!)) Send best wishes to the new parents from your blog buddy!

  4. What a perfect way to spend the weekend! Congratulation, Sally! Something tells me this won't be the last we'll see of this adorable little guy :)


  5. Sally, What a wonderful gift--that big boy in the hospital bassinet. When will you get to fly from Tx to Delaware? (By the way, Delaware is only a couple of hours from Lancaster, Pa. I'd welcome a visit!) We have much in common! My son and wife have a two year old daughter and four month old baby boy--Jackson. My youngest daughter has a one year old, Will-John. I agree with you that grandmotherhood is better than motherhood, not because we can give them back, but because we are older and wiser! Little things don't bother us as much...our egos aren't as involved and we know how fast they grow up. By the way, I love your red-headed grandchild. My dream was to have a red-haired child...didn't I'm waiting for a grandchild with red-hair. ;)

  6. Sally, big congrats on the new grandbaby!! HOw precious, enjoy that sweet thing.

  7. Congratulations! Treasure your times with your grandchildren; they grow up so fast. There is no love greater than the free flow between grandparent and grandchild.

  8. what a beautiful baby boy!
    scroll down from my good morning to read my first mother's post. let me know what you think!!

  9. Sally how exciting!! Great news to share with us all! How adorable...

    Art by Karena

  10. Oh my gosh, congratulations! That is wonderful news, and an adorable baby! You look too young to be a grandma!!!

  11. Congrats! What a lovely joy it is to have a new baby to welcome into your family.
    Amy R.

  12. So glad to see that you have your priorities right...they are what really matters! They both are precious.


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