Sunday, September 26, 2010

Ottoman, Coffee Table or Both!

I was working on a design plan for a client the other day, and the subject of ottomans came up.

I've become very accustomed to using ottomans as coffee tables in family room spaces because they bring another fabric and texture to the space, lend themselves to a more casual feel, and add more seating.

In order to show the client what I was considering, I began looking through my picture file (which has grow expeditiously since I began blogging, by the way!) for pics of ottomans used as coffee tables.

I thought I'd share a few with you too.

How do you feel about using ottomans for coffee tables?

Allison Jon, Interior Design

Hotel deTuilerieen, Bruge Belgium

Makham Roberts, Interior Designer

Jayson Home and Garden as seen in Lonny Magazine

Sorry, I don't have a credit for this pic.  Let me know if you can identify it.

Elle Decor


Massucco, Warner, Miller, Interior Designers

Nate Berkus

PCB Interiors 

Dallas Home - Turner Duncan & Kimberly Miller, Interior Designers

Waterleaf Interiors 

Southern Living

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  1. I don't have one in my home as a coffee table, but I think they are a great option. It's a great opportunity, like you said, to use another fabric, one that perhaps would not work in a larger quantity. And with a tray placed on top the function of a hard surfaced coffee table is not lost. Great images! Janell

  2. Love a button-tufter leather ottoma as a coffee table! Very elegant!

  3. Love a button-tufter leather ottoma as a coffee table! Very elegant!

  4. I like the idea of an oversized ottoman for a coffee table, in a casual setting let's face it a coffee table becomes a foot rest anyhow. I am thinking seriously about one for my Someday family room. I like using chairs and ottomans instead of the dreaded recliner,hehe!!! KATHYSUE

  5. I must admit I haven't really decided on this one haha! I remember not liking the idea earlier, but the more I have seen, the more I love it. Esp. the one in the room by Waterleaf Interiors, that one is divine! Now, I'm really curious about what you and your client finally went for?

    xo Linda :)

  6. I think its such a great option...especially for a family room. Gorgeous examples!

  7. Love the idea! Great examples!


  8. I love this idea inboth formal and informal spaces. I have one in my den covered in a tweed and welted in brown leather. The loveseat is tan chenille welted in the same brown leather and it gives the room and inviting and library like look. but a beautiful tufted velvet would be just as lovely in a formal room, I think. Great pics

  9. We use a tufted
    leather ottoman
    for our family room
    and it's very cozy
    to put feet upon
    when we watch movies.
    You need to have a
    lot of side tables,
    though, for drinks
    and goodies, though,
    as upholstery doesn't
    make a good serving
    service. Loved all of
    these examples, but
    most especially the
    library, movie room with
    the "pie" ottoman and
    the white slipcovered
    one from BHG. Fun
    post, Sally : ) !
    xx Suzanne


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