Saturday, September 11, 2010

On the Road Again......

The last time I saw Baby Jackson and his mom he looked like this.....

I'm leaving tomorrow morning to drive to Columbia, SC because he now looks like this.....

I'm beyond excited to hug this little fat baby, and it won't be long now!
Is he the cutest baby or what???

Only 15 hours of driving I-20 separates me from playing grandma.

I'll post while I'm in SC, full of inspiration from this little guy.
We're also going to go to the Tot Trade Big Event in Columbia on Wednesday.  I understand that it's an amazing sale on everything for the kid set.  Check out the pics of the event on their website.  Wow!!

OK.  Gotta finish packing.  



  1. Omgosh Sally he is so adorable I bet you can not wait to cuddle up with him. Lots of Grandma hugs and kisses. Have a wonderful time sweet friend, Kathysue

  2. Have a fabulous trip, what fun! He is a cutie! Janell

  3. What a cutie? Have a great time, and be safe.

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  5. Oh my! This summer we were so close when I came to Dallas. Now you'll be close to me again! It's about 2 hours for me to get to Columbia, SC :) Have a wonderful time!! I know, the next time I get to call a chubby baby boy my own will be when I'm a grandma. My youngest is only 4, but I miss those thunder thighs already!! Travel safe. XX, Kelly

  6. Oh what a cutie!! Wish Chattanooga was on your route! Safe travels!!

  7. Sally,

    He is precious! My "baby" Jackson is almost 16. It seems like yesterday when I was packing his diaper bag for I help him pack his football bag! Time flies. Hope you enjoyed your visit!


  8. Too cute! Take more photos! Have the best time!

  9. So adorable.
    Have a great time.

  10. I left you an award on my post today. I know you're busy, just letting you know! Take care and safe travels back :) Kelly

  11. Wow, Sally: I love my grown up children, but I adore the purity of childhood. Their unabashed love, their complete collapse into their tearful moments. I have to go pick up the neighbor baby for a fix, and a change of pace from my age group and work. He is a completely delicious dive into cool, clear water.

  12. What a cute, adorable baby! I'm pretty sure you'd drive back every now and then. Kellie xx

  13. Maurie@GraciousInteriors.blogspotSeptember 21, 2010 at 2:57 PM

    Sally, the little brown-eyed boy is adorable. I hope you enjoy being grandma. Even the long drive will be worth it!


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