Wednesday, September 22, 2010

One project down...a bazillion to go

The last time I posted about my bookshelves, I had just finished painting their backs in my accent color, orange.

I had a great time designing the shelving, replacing all my books that survived my purge for the Salvation Army or weren't taken to the studio.  I realized that I had several sentimental items that I was happy to use again.

This sweet, little paper-maiche' angle sat on the piano at my mother's house for as long as I can remember.  I just love the joy that she exudes as she sings.  She appropriately sits upon my copy of the Methodist hymnal, and reminds me how much I love to sing too.

Again, a mother thing....she bought me these vases ages ago, and I wasn't really loving blue at the time, so they went into hiding for a while.  I love how they look against the orange background.  The little pictures were picked up at the thrift store for $1.99ea!  Quite a purchase, huh?

Pics of my babes, when they were babes, my Norton Anthology of American Literature that houses the works of Whitman, Emily Dickenson, and Thoreau, the great love story of  "Anna Karenina", books of dream house plans and my little pillow that reminds me to keep on- keeping on.....

I've always loved copper (the forerunner to my love of orange), and when I found this angel weathervane in an antique store MANY years ago, I fell in love and had to bring her home.  She's since lost her "vane" part, and I have to prop her up, but I still love her, and it just wouldn't be right if she weren't showcased in a prominent place.
(I also love the engagement pic of Amanda and Brad!)

This is a painting I did to hang over the piano.  I did the background using torn paper to create texture then used a large piece of lace as a stencil and spray painted a light dusting of white and then I painted the dandelions  on top.  It was fun to do...not great art, but it makes me happy.

I did this needlepoint pillow for my parent's home.  It's a throwback to the days when I owned my needlework store.  It sat in my great grandmother's rocker.  Yep...I love it.

Shelves left....
Shelves right.....
The Middle...
(For those of you not into the piano....
I play it. I grew up playing stays)

All together now.....Ta Da!!

The designers at Sally J. Designs are happy to help you incorporate your favorite things into your home too. 

We love helping your dreams come alive! 


  1. Sally so glad you are BACK!!! You know how much I love your art piece, I think it is so cool. Painting the back of the shelves was a great idea, even if it is orange,hehe!!! I did not realize you were a music talent!! We are a family that loves music, one more thing we have in common!!! Go figure!! We need a picure of the before, the painted back really makes a great statement,Hugs,

  2. Looks great, Sally. Love the orange.

  3. Love the color and the way you styled it!

  4. I never thought of pillows on a bookshelf but love the idea. BTW..found orange zebra fabric while looking for something else and thought of you. Tunisia in sweet potato from warehousefabrics

  5. Great job! Nice art and I also grew up playing piano and my big ol honkin piano is parked in our master bedroom. It stays!! I bet you play beautifully :)

  6. Hi Sally, I love the Orange. What a great color.

  7. I really love it! Orange has been my favorite color for years, it's such a happy color. Thank you for the tour of your bookcase, I love how everything in it has such sentimental value and really represent family and life experiences. BTW I read the post you wrote prior to painting your shelves, and I still can't stop thinking about that gorgeous ikat fabric you shared with us. (I read the post in bed on my iphone haha, that's why I didn't leave a comment).

    xo Linda

  8. looks great!! funny how paint just makes it pop, right?



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