Thursday, September 30, 2010

Looking UP

I was thinking about chandeliers this morning....ok ....not your normal thoughts over coffee....but I was thinking about what kind of an statement that they can make in a room.  A so-so chandelier won't ruin a room, but an amazing one can really make the space. (of course, a horrible one really can spell disaster!)

Ive put together a little collection of chandeliers that really take their respective rooms to a new level of amazing-ness. 

 Deco My Space

This dining room almost makes me a minimalist!  With the focus on the chandelier and the clean lines and colors of the space, I could almost be converted.

Canadian House and Home

Because the rest of the furnishings in this room are neutral, and because of their over-scale size, these chandeliers are the focal point of the space.  No one would ever accuse me of "going neutral", but this is the way to do it!

Canadian House and Home
Oh, the romance of it all!  The crystal chandy here add all the bling a girl could want.....well....not all the bling, but it's a good start!

OK, this I covet!  I don't have a credit for this pic, so let me know if you know.  It was just too beautiful not to include.

Restoration Hardware
I really hate what Restoration Hardware has done with it's "new look"....ho hum!.....but I do love these lantern chandeliers.  I think the symmetry of this design is beautiful, and one just wouldn't have been enough.
(Is it just me, or did the photo from Canadian House and Home use the same room setting as Restoration Hardware????)

Perch - New Orleans
Talk about eclectic!  Old New Orleans architecture, Eames chairs, and a turquoise chandelier!  Anything goes!

Jessica LaGrange Interiors as seen in Chicago Home

I'm a sucker for a round dining table.  I can't think of a better way to dine with friends and family.  This chandelier is so large, yet so light.  It compliments this table so beautifully, and I love the gilded branch look.(great centerpieces too! )
Muriel Brandolini, Interior Designer
If one chandelier is good, then 9 must be better, right?   I think this is such a creative use of lighting, and I love that they are all different shapes on the same idea.

Peter Dunham
 And this room looks so traditional until you look up!  I just love that !

Sara Story as seen in the Kips Bay Showhouse
A small scale take on a Chihuly.  Isn't it fun?

Remains Lighting
Is is contemporary or traditiona?   Isn't that what makes it fun?

Country Living Magazine

I just had to throw in one for fall.  The chandelier is pretty non-descript, but I love a pumpkin anywhere you want to put one!
Isn't this a great idea for your Thanksgiving table?

Don't forget to look up!!


  1. Fun post Miss Sally!!! Love that first image and the turqouise chandelier is sooooo pretty, Kathysue

  2. Oh, that is completely a normal thought to be having over coffee, if you love design! What an outstanding collection of chandeliers...Janell

  3. Maurie@GraciousInteriors.blogspotSeptember 30, 2010 at 2:45 PM

    OK, Sally, I've got to comment on the
    gilded branched chandelier...and the heavenly circles of roses! It's the grand champion, as far as I'm concerned! Hope you are doing well. We are waiting for Fall here in PA. It's coming!

  4. Yes, great lighting can do for a room what a statement necklace does for a simple black dress.

  5. this was fun. to say i am a lighting fan is an understatement. i probably have too many in my home, but i am a sucker for a gorgeous fixture xoxo

  6. Love the colorful ones and the fun one for Thanksgiving and Halloween! What a great idea!

  7. What a fantastic post! I love chandeliers too, and I agree, they really make the room extra special!

  8. So glad that you enjoyed the Canadian House & Home shots! Please feel free to hyperlink to us at And here's a link to some more chandelier photos:[]=photo

    Thanks again! Lisa Murphy


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