Saturday, September 4, 2010

Art in Large

They say that Texans do everything  big, and for the most part, that's true.  (I'm sure there's probably a disorder named after us!)

I know one thing that I always love big and over-scaled is Art.

As an artist who specialized in murals for a time, I've always been drawn to the big canvas or a large wall.  I just can't seem to scale down to do a little 5"x7" picture.  There's something magical about larger-than-life pieces.

Large art creates a focal point in a room like nothing else.

Photo by Tria Giovan

OK.....this is gutsy!  Can you imagine turning a corner and viewing this for the first time!  It may be a staged photo...after all, who sits in a single chaise facing a door....but I love the drama of the pink and green against that Amazonian green painting. 

Crosby Street Hotel - Soho, NYC

There is much to catch your eye in the lobby of the Crosby Street Hotel,
but the bright orange painting at the end of the hallway draws all eyes in that direction. The lighting emphasizes the painting as well, pulling you towards it. On the way, you notice all the other interesting features in the space.  I did a post on the interiors of this boutique hotel if you want to see more.

Joseph Minton for Southern Accents Riverhills Showhouse

Only the legendary Joseph Minton could get away with an overscaled dog painting in the library of this amazing showhome
I love the way the size and subject of this painting sets the mood and tone for this room.  Casual, relaxed and elegant, just like the hunting dogs that he showcases larger than life, this space will be everyone's favorite place to hang out.

Home of Brian Votaggio - winner of Top Chef 2009

Art doesn't have to be complicated or intricate or even original for it to make a great statement.  I love the simple and graphic quality of these pieces.
...and I love pears.
This is one I did for my studio.

Massuco, Warner & Miller Interior Design

Surely, this painting is the first thing you see when entering this space.  It's tall and bright and commands your attention.  It also sets the color palette for the room.  The repetition of the turquoise and blue from the painting on to the lamps and the furnishings really pulls everything together.  The addition of the orange, blue's compliment, is the perfect punch.

These gorgeous antique tapestries in the home of Ed and Sue Auler are grandeous and stately.  The make the room look rich and elegant as well as bring subtle color into the space.  To think of the artistic skills of the weavers who created these!  What patience!

This one just speaks to me.  I'd be happy walking past this everyday.

Benjamin Dhong, Interior Designer

And then there's this one!
Hungarian magazine "Otthan"

I love how art can bring the "unexpected" to a space.  This room is playful anyway, but our friendly flamingo is the added touch that finishes out the whimsical idea.  Love the coral!
(This one's for you, Jan!)

Art can set the mood for a room like nothing else can.  It should speak to you, thrill you, and inspire you to create each day in the best way possible.  When you buy art that you love, you will love your space.

Go forth and create!

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  1. I feel exactly the same way, always buying bigger art than is really needed, but those pieces welcome me home! That canvas in the Benjamin Dhong photo is stunning - heading over there to try and find out who the artist is! Have a great weekend, Sally -

  2. I agree with you, Sally.

    I love a commanding piece of well-placed art. A la Rothko and Marcia Myers. Throw in a little gold or silver leaf into it- perfection!


  3. I love large scale art pieces. I did a post on this subject a while back and there was an image I found of an enormous lace crocheted design that was framed and hung over a bed. I am still coveting it.

  4. I think one of the worst decorating mistakes I see, over and over is small art work over a large sofa! Its like finger nails on a chalk board for me! If you don't have a large piece of art, go ahead and do groupings, so it makes a larger statement.
    Good Point!

  5. Sally great post!! I so agree!!I am on the hunt for a large piece for my someday family room. I know what I want so it probably will take some time. You are so talented the pear is wonderful!!! I am super impressed. I have a thing for pears also. I just saw a wonderful pear oil painting at Homegoods, two green pairs on a black background. I love black backrounds. Can you tell I loved this post, Hugs Kathysue

  6. Hi
    I love your blog. I am a painter and I agree with you. I am actually buying an appartment an thinking of decorating it with antiques and paintings. Big paintings have a great presence, and they are not that muy more expensive than the medium size ones. These days I have been seeing great blogs for inspiration for decoration and I am surprised too see very respectable designers who will put very uninteresting things on the walls, not to say cheap stuff when they could be working with original works of art for not much more money. When I think of the big paintings and drawings many artist's studio are full of I feel sad that poeple keep on buying reproductions in furnitures stores. Please if you are interested and dont have a big budget dont be shy and find the artists where they are.Try to contact artist asociations, Etching collective studios,or go to the local art school...Many artists have web sites and blogs. They will invite you to their studio with no obligation of buying. Once in the studio a whole world will open to you. I decided to write when I saw this green painting in the picture you posted. It reminded me of one I have done, monochromatic, first image here on my BLOG. I am on the picture and the painting seems smaller than it is in real.

  7. These are all beautiful images! I just stayed at the Crosby Street Hotel in NYC. Huge art pieces everywhere. Hope you are well. Happy Labor Day!

  8. Your first sentence made me laugh. I conquer! As to the big 'ol art and loving it...I love it all. Most people are afraid to buy really BIG art, but it can make such a statement. Great stuff to think about ;) Kelly

  9. I am so with you on this one! I like my art just like my diamonds....super sized! xx


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