Monday, September 27, 2010

A Plethora of Pumpkins!

I've had an affinity for pumpkins for many, many years.  I have sewed them, carved them, painted them, decorated them and sold them.  I've been called "The Pumpkin Lady", and it's not just because I have red hair!

I know everyone says that Fall is their favorite time of year, but it REALLY is my favorite.  It's my birthday month (and grandson, Tyler who will be 1 !), and I just feel more myself in the fall than at any other time.

So, in the spirit of "The Pumpkin Lady", I'm going to share some of my favorite pumpkin pictures during the next several weeks up to Thanksgiving.  Can't wait!!

You wanna get out your paintbrushes, don't you!

Better Homes and Gardens

White pumpkins and Owls (hoot hoot!) for all my Chi O sis's out there!

Sunset Magazine


  1. These pumpkins are very pretty, I love the one pained in plaid pattern!

    I have to admit, I have never ever tasted anything made from pumpkin! My goal this fall is to make pumpkin soup (I love soups). And I'll definitely be making my very own plaid pumpkin haha!!

    xo Linda

  2. Sally I love both of these images!!! The plaid pumpkin is adorable. Also love the little hoot owls!! I had trouble with blogger on Saturday it did not put my scheduled post up automatically I had to do it manually. Who knows what goes on in the blog world, always a mystery to me, KATHYSUE

  3. These are
    both such inspiring
    images! My daughter
    would go nuts if we
    made the painted ones,
    which means we'll have
    to do it! She's 15
    and very talented with
    a paint brush : ) My
    son was born at the end
    of October, so it is
    a very special month
    at our house, too! Crazy
    for those owls. I don't
    have any ~ YET!
    xx Suzanne

  4. LOVE the plaid pumpkin!! I want to do this to a couple! Don't know what my kids will think...Janell

  5. I didn't know you are a Chi O! I am a Pi Phi :) Love the white pumpkins. And I'm considering painting some this year too!

  6. our thanksgiving is in just over a week up here, and I have not got one decoration out for dinner yet!I like the second pic, the lack of harvest colours keeps it fresh. Will be watching for more - x


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