Friday, March 4, 2011

Going Big

There's an expression, "Go Big or Go Home", and I think some of the design world has taken that axiom to heart.

Audrey Wallace

What do you say about a chinoiserie urn that's 5' tall.  Can you say "unexpected"??  I kind of like it!

Kathryn Scott

You know that "rule" that says you shouldn't have lamps too big for your table?
Send it back to the 80's cause these lamps do a lot more than provide reading light!

Amy D. Morris

I have absolutely no desire to see myself getting out of the bathtub (maybe if I were 20 yrs younger...or 20 lbs thinner!), but this aged, oversized mirror is so romantic!  I love this room!

Katie Firth

I believe this is an IKEA chandelier.  It's overly large size is balanced by the delicate flower petals that make up the shape.  And isn't it fun to see the relationship between the wreath and the chandelier.

House and Home

I don't know who actually designed this space, but I can tell you that they are completely comfortable in their own skin because this is a BOLD move!  Not only is this dresser huge, but it's pink!  This could be the "elephant in the room" if you don't have the attitude to pull it off!

Atlanta House and Home
If you've followed Divine Distractions for very long, you know I love large art.  I spent 4 years as a full-time mural artist until the desire to climb scaffolding and tote paint cans lost it's glam.  Naturally, I'm drawn to oversize art.  It always creates drama and becomes the focal point wherever it is.  

Rebecca White

I know I used this same picture in my last post, but I can't ignore the scale of this lamp on the kitchen counter.    When you study it a bit, it looks like a a chubbett with her hands on her hips!  LOL ! The added whimsey of this bunny photo certainly brings the unexpected to this kitchen!


These oversized front doors in Jane McGarry's home (she's a newscaster here in Dallas) are quite imposing, but their scale really works in this home.  You can see more of Jane's home  here

I love overscaled objects.  Using them certainly creates emphasis in a space.  Do you use overscaled pieces, or do they feel uncomfortable for you?  I'd love to hear your thoughts!

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  1. Love an oversized leaning mirror or a large scale piece of art...such statement makers!!

  2. Great post, Sally. You can tell a designer had a hand in each of these spaces and knew when the big item would work. I LOVE those brass round lamps! Size makes an impact!

  3. Great topic and great images!!! That green malachite inspired console with the brass lamps are TOTALLY me.

  4. I have a little mantra I use to share with my clients,"Big is better, Less is More!" Love, love the big lamp and bunny picture!!!! Have a wonderful weekend,sweet friend, KS

  5. I LOVE all those images Sally. I believe the pink dresser came from a contest winner at House & Home magazine a few years ago after she discovered she was pregnant with a girl. If it's not the source then I know where that contest winner got her inspiration. Have a great weekend.

  6. I love oversized as well - and love the huge mirror in the bathroom but like you - think I would be facing in when climbing out!!

  7. I almost bought a huge lame at Goodwill today, maybe I'll go back...If I can keep it hid long enough to fix the hideous shade, great examples of going big! Lezlee

  8. Sally I loved each and every one of these rooms. You can clearly see that it works.

    Rules are made to be broken!!

    Do come and enter my Artful Offering!

    Art by Karena

  9. I don't use overscaled/oversized pieces in our place, but I love the look. I think it's a nice way to make a statement without all of the sensory overload or clutter.

  10. Great post...With you, my favorite oversized pieces are the murals. The horse over the tub stays in the mind. :) And I laughed at your description of the large lamp on the island!

  11. Hi, Sally!

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    Thanks so much!

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