Wednesday, March 16, 2011

A Fine Thing

I'm posting a little bedding love today.

Shaped, upholstered headboard....
Crisp linens.....
Pretty pillows.....

And I'm so impressed that it's actually made up!!  (Not that I don't make my bed everyday....)

Sara Gilbane Interiors


  1. This is one of the sweetest headboards I've seen, love the shape and the fabric! I too make my bed everyday, it seems it is hard to get the day going when you haven't "closed out" the night by making the bed! Janell

  2. Oh, what a crisp bed, beautiful headboard too !

  3. Any bed, made up or not is looking good to me! I always thought after the baby stage I would get more sleep. Not so!! Ahhh, this is fresh and dreamy for sure :) XO, Kelly

  4. That headboard is divine. Simple, yet interesting. great pic. :)

  5. Beautiful bedding, IMO, is a worthwhile splurge, you spend about a third of life in bed, might as well be as comfy as possible, right?

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