Saturday, March 19, 2011


It's feeling like spring here in Dallas.
The pear trees and redbuds are blooming all over the place, and the tulips are popping up.  I even saw a patch of blue bonnets yesterday!

I thought I'd share a couple of florals to celebrate the "Spring-y-ness" around today!

Jeremy Philips - Photographer

Colleen Sawatsky

Bennison fabrics

Buckingham Interiors

Meg Adams

Yall enjoy the sunshine and flowers today!


  1. Hi Sally, It is raining here in sunny Calif!!! Not so sunny. I love all of these springy images, so pretty they make me smile, Kathysue

  2. Hi Sally, It's a beautiful day here in Little Rock too. Unfortunately I have to work. Sister is still in Dallas, maybe she can get outside with Reece today for a little baby break. Have a great week. Mona

  3. Great florals. I especially love the Buckingham Interiors room. Spring is here in Houston too!

  4. Sally,

    Soo happy I discovered your site via Isabella & Max Rooms. It is simply lovely. Lots of great inspiration! Look forward to keeping up with you.

    [ Keep Calm & Blog On ] xo

  5. NOT spring yet in Portland...but i am waiting for it! love all the pictures and fabric

  6. Very pretty. I could use a little spring around here (midwestern girl!) A touch of floral in a room is always perfect for warm weather months.

  7. Oh, I love floral prints at this time of year. Lovely photos!

  8. Mmmmmm....ALL
    so YUMMY! I miss
    the redbuds. We
    had them when we
    lived in Indiana
    and Virginia, but
    alas, we are now
    too far north. And,
    there is still
    SNOW on the ground ~
    yikes!! So, I will
    dream about spring
    through your lovely
    xx Suzanne


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