Friday, April 2, 2010

Divine Dining

As we all come together as families over this holiday weekend, the dining room will be the center of attention. 

As I continue my journey through my dream house, I'm seeing a dining room that creates an ambiance that welcomes, engages conversation and entertains.

I hope you all enjoy breaking bread around your dining room table with the important people in your life this weekend and always.

Dallas Anchorwoman, Jane McGary's home was featured in D-Magazine this year, and I was so enamored with the use of color and whimsy that Kenneth Blassingame, interior designer, used throughout the home.  Such a happy place, vibrant and engaging.  I know a dinner party in this home would be filled with stories and laughter....certainly an element I want to see in my dream home.

This sweet little vignette of intimate dining is the work of ID, Neal Stewart.  I think it's a perfect place for dinner or breakfast for two.  The antique style mirrors framing the alcove set the tone for this romantic space. The velvet on the banquette and the bergere chair bring elegance and comfort to the space and joy to my face!

This dining room was designed by Sherry Haslip for the new director of the Dallas Symphony, Aaltje van Zweden.  The spheres by artist and furniture maker, Mike Stallilngs, were designed to hold pieces of music that were significant to the new director.  They are finished in silver leaf to compliment the soft grays and lilacs within the space.
You can read more about the space here.

Although this is not my personal style, what I love about this dining room is how it makes a statement while at the same time combines comfort and elegance.

I love the eclectic quality of this dining room.  Such a mix of styles and periods, but the balance is beautiful, and the room really works for me.  I've loved the lavender and green palette for quite some time for it's fresh and spring-like quality.  The curves of the stone table and the soft bend in the legs of the chairs brings an air of grace to this setting... a real juxtoposition of styles, and I think it's a beautiful place to entertain.

This is a small breakfast alcove in Jane McGary's home, and I can't think of a happier place to start the day with a cup o' joe.  The mix of colors and furniture styles gives a casual and friendly feel to this space.  The unusual table base is so chaming.  Who doesn't want that!

There's nothing more inviting and engaging than country french styling, and this breakfast room in the home of one of my clients is perfect for that overflow seating when all the family comes for Easter dinner.  Off of the kitchen, and overlooking the pool and lanai, it's the perfect spot to brunch as well.

Is your dream dining room all about drama?  Then this may be perfect for you.
The walls are fabric upholstered in an irridescent silk that reflects the light from the metallic twig chandelier.  I love the peacock blue chairs as the pop of color in the room.  Although this is not my dream dining room, I know I would enjoy having dinner here anyway watching the lights of San Fransico in the distance.
Interior design by Nancy Van Natta Assoc.  San Fransico

I've always loved the idea of combining the dining room with the library, and this image from Architectural Digest shows why.  I think the shelving anchoring the enormous art piece create the focal point that the room needs.  The addition of the wing chair, desk and library ladder really bring that library feel home. 
An intimate dining experience is sure to be had in this amazing library dining room.  I think the host must be an infamous mystery writer, hiding behind a glamorous pseudonym.  I'll have a lovely pino noir, please!

Many of my younger clients prefer the transitional style like this one from ID, Tom Stringer.
Graphic prints, a neutral color palette, and elements of the traditional home they grew up in, all speak to this generation of home owners.  I love the graceful lines of the chandelier, the back painted shelving showcasing a beautiful collection of white pottery, the subtle color of the drapery, and that wonderful splash of lime on the otherwise neutral table.

Regardless of where you are dining this weekend, I hope it speaks to your personality and your style.
Bon A'ppetite !


  1. Sally, Happy Easter to you my dear blogging friend and kindred spirit!! Love all the images. I borrowed the library pict for an upcoming post,I hope that is OK?If not just let me know!! Great post with wonderful images. I posted where we will be dining tomorrow on my post today. Nothing fancy just fun and festive!! Kathysue

  2. Such stunning table settings. Personally flowers finish all tables off for me! x

  3. I want a "stay and visit" dining room with comfortable seating and plenty of room for guests to maneuver and relax. Thanks for the lovely ideas.

  4. I love them all, such a varied selection. The Tom Stringer one really appeals to me, that area rug is amazing.

    Thanks for your comments on my post. It's time to follow Sally from Texas.


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