Friday, April 23, 2010

Finding my "Mid-Century" Muse

Top Chef, Bryan Votaggio's, Dining Room
Home and Design Magazine
I'm working with a couple of clients on the design of their mid-century modern homes, and it's been fun to re-experience the furniture and styling of my childhood. 
 I didn't pay too much attention to decor as a little girl, but it certainly feels familar to revisit the furniture and style of the late 50's and 60's.

This weekend in East Dallas, the White Rock Home Tour is scheduled, and will include 4 mid-century homes designed by Ju-nel, an architechtural firm in the style of Frank Lloyd Wright and Howard Meyer.
I can't wait to gather some new ideas from these homes for our projects, and have some pictures to share with you.

The Whiterock Home Tour in East Dallas, is this Saturday and Sunday, and will include four mid-century modern  homes. 


  1. It's the style of my early childhood too! Never paid much attention then either, but now I look back and realize what great pieces my parents had!

  2. Don't you wish you had them now!!
    and all that fabulous print fabric...if we had only known!

  3. I had to smile...mid century is also the style of my childhood. I wish I could go on the house tour, but alas Pennsylvania is a long way from Texas! I love, love, love the design of your blog header. Did you paint it? Thanks for being one of my followers; I'm happy to be one of yours!

  4. Looking forward to it, have a lovely weekend! xx

  5. Oh!! The memories of Danish modern!! My Mom was a rebel and have french provincial in fruitwood and the ugliest maroony brown sofa that was suppose to be aster brown,Yuck. After that sofa I decided ugly is forever because she had it for 50yrs it would not wear out!! Frightening to think abou that sofa. Have fun at the home tour sounds like you will get lots of eye candy and great inspiration. About my cushions, I am going to order them on-line at the web-site that I put on my blog. Have a great weekend! Kathysue

  6. Yall are so funny! Isn't it fun to think of our childhood "design" memories!


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