Wednesday, April 28, 2010

A Wearstler kind of Whimsy

I think Whimsy is  highly underrated and under-exposed in the everyday world, and I've taken it upon myself to right that wrong every Wednesday.  There is one designer who embraces her inner whimsy, and she does it in a big, bold, splashy way....

Ta Da!

Kelly Wearstler is my whimsy idol.  She just puts it out worries that she may be going overboard....she just follows her little designer heart and plays it like she sees it. 

Now...that being said, I don't always love what she does, but I can appreciate her humor, her skill and her attitude....there's always attitude in a Kelly room. 

See what I mean...
Kelly's signature "kelly" green as seen in this lobby area at the Viceroy hotel is showcased in these huge finals.  They are the first things you see, and then when your eyes have adjusted to the light, you notice the white chandeliers, or the metallic shades, or the patent leather benches or the overstuffed barcelona-like chairs....which are cream!  What else do you focus on here?

How imaginative is this outdoor space (at the Viceroy in Santa Monica)?  She can make a sculpture out of anything!  Perspective is everything here.  Is there a smiley face in here????

You might think that this guest room at the Viceroy is pretty tame for Wearstler's work, but then you see those funky sconces on the mirrored headboard wall and you see her stamp...snap!

Tides Hotel, South Beach
I love this room.  It's classic, symmetrical, peaceful and beautiful.  But she's used chairs that are shaped like leaves!  Notice the mix of styles in this room...Chinese influences, animal prints, geometrics and that contemporary parquet floor. 

Dark gray wall, white accents and red upholstery...the level of contrast in this dining room is so bold and gutsy.  The huge oval mirror reflects Kelly's choice in lighting....multiple china globes instead of a central chandelier.  That's thinking out of the box.

the library at the Viceroy
This is such a "brilliant" room.  Libraries are usually dark and cozy, but this bright butter everywhere is the antithesis of that.  The diagonal book storage creates an art piece.  The extra long coffee table is mirrored adding more bling.  How many of us have the  nerve to do an entire room in bright yellow! 

Do you think she knew what this paper would look like before she put it up? 
I'm pretty good at visualizing, but this would surely challenge me!
And to think that she doesn't stop with the paper...pattern on the rug and on the chairs.  How does she make it work? By grounding the space with tons of solids and lots of symmetry. 

This room is classic Kelly...crazy pattern mixes, everyday items that become mini sculptures, repetition of geometric forms and attention to detail at every turn.  I don't think I could live with this, but it's kind of like appreciating the abstract art at the museum for me.

We'll end with another "Kelly" green space. 
Her ability to achieve balance with this much going on is her style genius....gotta love it! do you feel about the Whimsical, Wild and Winsom Wearstler?
Are you challenged to "go bold or go home" ?


  1. I idolize this woman as well! They don't come any cooler or chicer! ;)

  2. I love it! I'm tired of second guessing my design strategy. What will people think? Is it too much? Too bold? I'm inspired to go with my instints and I know I'll be thrilled with it.

  3. I love, love this post!! You know how I love a bit of Whimsy and Yes Kelly W does it the best in design. Love her attitude about design. I always marvel at designer that are soooo original in their thinking, they are a special group,that is for sure. I borrowed the picture of the mirrored wall with the funky sconces. I bought these,what I think are cool wooden sconces to put on big mirrors in my guest room. My hubby looks at me like,"Oh well ,here she goes again!" This confirms my vision, who knew!!?
    I just knew when I saw these sconces I had to have them, not as elaborate but I love them. Great Post Miss Sally!! Love your insight, keep them coming, You have a real talent for writing and I love your blog,Kathysue

  4. Great post, Sally. I was at Barnes & Noble a few weeks ago and browsed thru "Hue". There is some crazy mix going on there and I don't necessarily love it for me but I do appreciate her point of view and how she masterfully makes it work!

  5. most of time she is pretty amazing

  6. Sally I just sat down for lunch and read your sweet, sweet, comment on my 7 post. I think we are very much like minded and it is funny how even through cyber space and the printed word certain people you are just drawn too. You are one of those special, special people . I am so glad I stepped out of my comfort zone and jumped into blogland. Thanks Miss blogging buddy,Kathysue

  7. Oh, Kelly, Kelly, Kelly, I love her! We stayed at The Tides Hotel in Miami. It was so funky, cool, glamorous and awesome. I think I fell in love with her in Miami. I am a little obsessed with her Trellis fabric as well, House of Kwid, awesome.

  8. She is beyond amazing, and these images show that clearly! I also don't always love what she does, but am intrigued. I enjoyed this post! Janell

  9. Thanks for all the eye candy. I love her style and I have to have color !

  10. I have looked at pics of her work here and there and saw her on the t.v. show where she was a judge. She is certainly not afraid of color. I have to have color, too. Thanks for sharing and thanks for stopping by.

  11. She is soooo talented, and so are her proteges! Also, she is beautiful and I heard she came to L.A. to be a model, actress, whatever, and I can't decide if that makes me love or hate her more! ;)! Either way, her stuff is gorgeous!

  12. I loved this post! She is so great!! Her rooms are fun and sophisticated!! Great job!

  13. I love how she dosen't hold back and that gives me inspiration. I can really admire much of what I may not live with!

    Art by Karena

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  15. I absolutely love her design. I think if I could redesign my whole house it would be the funky look; it that a new style?:)

    I love fun, it makes me smile every time I walk in a room.


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