Thursday, April 22, 2010

Recycle the Sally J. Way

Today is Earth Day.  I'd love to say that my love for redoing and reusing things stems from my deep desire to save the planet, but I'd be lying.

I just love to see something blossom from  a state of disarry and abuse.
I believe the expression here in Texas is  "Make a silk purse from a sow's ear"

We've rescued several wonderful pieces over the years, so I thought I'd share a few before and afters on this Earth Day.

This little antique chair had been upholstered in silk that the client had brought back from China years ago.  It was so fragile and had deteriorated over the years (maybe with a little help from the dogs!)

We still have beautiful silk (Highland Court), but we upholstered the frame in veveteen for it's feel and texture, and also because of the durability.
The cushion and pillow are filled with a down blend to continue that decadence that we began with the lovely silks. 
How's that for dressing up!

I don't have the before of this little chair, but the after was just too much fun not to share.   My client had this needlepoint rug and antique trim and wanted to use it on this chair.  We covered the frame in a coordinating velvet because the rug wouldn't stretch that far. 
 How sweet is this??

My favorite Befores and Afters are in the kitchens that we remodel.
This is one of the most dramatic remodels we have completed.

It was trash time for this poor, outdated kitchen.

Can you say Transformation!!

Paint has the greatest potential for change than anything I can think of.
Look what paint did for this built in cabinet.

Here's the before.

Ta Da !!

We found the center doors at an antique store, added filigree on the base cabinets to repeat the design from the new doors, painted and glazed, and
Voila!  a totally new look.

What are you looking at in your home that could be recyled or reused in a new and different way? 

Now that's the kind of recycling I can get behind!

All images are taken by Sally Hammond for Sally J. Designs.
I'm happy for them to be shared, just please give credit if you use them.
Thanks, Sally


  1. Necessity is the mother of invention! Lots of repainted, reupholstered and repurposed decor here!

  2. Sally what wonderful transformations. the hutch is amazing. The paint makes it look like an older antique handpainted piece. Love it!! What a way to re-cycle!! Happy Thursday, dear friend, Kathysue

  3. Fun that you renew old treasures. It's my passion! Look forward to following your blog and seeing your transformations.


  4. Love to take something old and make it into a fabulous new peice. The cabinet is fabulous, and the chairs too!

  5. Wow that chair is beautiful! And the last cabinet sure is fabulous now!

  6. So nice to meet you sally! So many wonderful transformations! You are so very talented, hope your having a wonderful weekend.
    Take care

  7. Silk purse from a sow' ear...I love it!

    Those transformations are just lovely and that cabinet is unbelievable!

    Wait till I show you the chairs I saw at Market...


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