Sunday, April 25, 2010

Sunday Serenade

The serenity of my Sunday morning is being disturbed by someone who just couldn't wait to get the lawn mowed before 9am....who does that????
It's a little difficult to focus on my prayer time amidst all that racket. 

I began to think about what it would be like to have my own "little church in the wildwood" out among the trees and wildflower fields. 

Those who know me understand that converting spaces, remodeling and rennovating are really my passions, and it's always been a dream of mine to convert an old church into a weekend place.

Lot's of people, especially in Europe and England do that because, sadly, the church houses aren't being used for worship as much.

How would you like to live in an old church?  I think it would be wonderful!

I'm thinking I could do something a little more fitting than craftsman style light posts, but the rest of the setting is idyllic.

Check out that kitchen!  Can you imagine the culinary inspiration that you'd have in this space!

Such detailing....sigh.....

What amazing light!

The mowing has stopped and I can hear the birds singing again....a praise-worth Sunday continues.

Yall enjoy the rest of your weekend.

Images are actual homes on the market from


  1. What a spectacular and (awe inspiring) space! Our crazy neighbor lives to mow his lawn at the oddest hours, drives us nuts!

  2. When we moved into our condo, I found an unused church about six blocks from where we live. It was gorgeous--beautiful architecture, stained glass--but it just needed some TLC. I would drive by it every day going to and from my office, and dream of the day when I could purchase it and make it my home.

    Then one day I drove by, and the entire thing had been razed...completely. Literally, one day it was there, the next day it was gone. Not one brick remained intact. It was just a pile of rubble. I was heartbroken--not only that I knew it was never going to be mine, but also that obviously, the current owner was incapable of seeing the beauty and the value in that building that far surpassed any dollar value one could assign to it.

    Now there's a huge, multi-floor modern office building being constructed where once a beautiful piece of history stood. What a shame.

  3. Hi, Sally, what an inspiring weekend home that must be. Sad that the churches are closing down though, but what beauty they are.

    I'll be sharing more pics from the Decorators Showhouse here in B'ham, thanks for stopping by.

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  5. Hey lady! Oh my Gosh! I would love to live in something similar to the first picture it seems so cozy and serene, yet majestic!

    I never thought of that, honey they are making churches in strip malls here, so there are no abandoned churches here...:( and :)

    Thanks for sharing this post!

  6. Sally-

    Thank you so much for your comment! What a pleasure to hear from you. I am a very new blogger and love feedback. Of coarse I went to your blog and loved it! Read your profile, I'm a Libra too, and enjoyed your design website.


  7. What a lovely idea for a post, I enjoyed it!

  8. What a lovely idea for a post, I enjoyed it!

  9. Beautiful post Sally. Inspiration and color, light abound! By the way I love your header.

    Art by Karena

  10. Sally, you have a light, easy-to-read style...and your content on Serene Sunday was very apropos. I was always sad when I visited New England at how many churches are now stores, and from a couple of the other comments above it seems Americans often worship materialism! You have lots of good comments here, so be encouraged at your growing readership. People are e-mailing or facebooking me with their comments, but not leaving comments. I wonder how to change that?! Thanks for leaving a comment! And have a good day.

  11. Sally I have seen converted churches and always wondered what it would be like to live in one. The architecture and the windows alone make it amazing. Great post!! Kathysue

  12. Your post reminds me of a few of my neighbours. Do you think it rude of me to call at 8am and remind them it is Sunday morning?

    There is one particular road I drive on to and from Charlottetown our other city on PEI and where 2 days of my week are spent. This drive involves me looking at this pretty little church sitting in a very country setting.

    And you guessed it, they've converted it into a quaint summer home. I always have wanted to see the inside... surely not as grand as your pictures yet... the owners have a story to tell. Someday I may just stop by to say hi and sneak a peek.



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