Monday, April 19, 2010

"Romantically Challenged" Design

There's a new sit-com starring Alyssa Milano called "Romantically Challenged", and while I'm not much of a fan of the half hour show, it was the interlude between "Dancing with the Stars" and "Castle", which I am a fan of.

Anyway....I wasn't particulary "into" the story line, which was really inane, BTW, so I began to focus on the interior design...which I am really into!

Here's a few pics from the set of the show.

The Ikat on the booths in the coffee shop, is awesome...gray and yellow...very cool!  Anyone know who makes this? 
Hmmm...a coffee shop that is the gathering place for all the cast of characters....sound familiar?

Here's another shot. I'm liking the tile work on the back wall too.

This is the living room of these roommates, Perry and Shawn.
It's a guy place, but still has some good design elements to go along with the standard microfiber sofa.  I think the deep green on the wall is an interesting choice, and I love the styling of the etegere in the background.
I like the warmth of the orange and chocolate in the pillows.

Classy fireplace treatment with the wood blocks in relief, and I'm liking the eclectic feel of the modern and more rustic elements coming together.

The space is open concept...maybe a loft.
The kitchen looks sleek and efficient with modern features.  Check out over the fridge.  The subway tiles are vertical!  That's a new switch. 

The island is much more traditional in styling and a little unexpected here, but it's a great spot for prepping as well as just  hanging out....which they do a lot of....does anyone work in these shows?
Love the blue door into the pantry!

You can see the vertical tiles better in this picture.

You can see the color palatte a bit better in this picutre....aqua and green grounded will all the white in the table and backsplash... and I love the turquoise vase on the counter.

I can't say too  much about the show itself, but it was fun checking out the interior design.   Set Designer is Conny Boettger who also did the sets or "Almost Famous"
What do you think?


  1. Omg, Sally I do the same thing I am always looking at the interiors. I often make comments on a show or a movie in relationship to the interiors or the clothes they wore. I guess we design types are always designing.Its a crazy disease that we have. I think it is because we are verrrry detailed people,don't you? Raining cats and dogs today, going to a friends house for a visit. Ttyl Kathysue

  2. i saw that Ikat pattern just the other day... it's made by Waverly.

    Cool sets, I agree!

  3. I noticed the same things ! I also love looking at the decor on Cougar Town.


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