Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Hello friends,
I've been away for a few days....my visit to beautiful Granbury, Tx over the weekend, and off and over the wildflower-covered roads of east Texas to celebrate the life of my last little aunt who passed away over the weekend at almost 96.  What I know for sure is that Texas in the springtime, whether you're going east or west is a magnificent site to see.  It really is God's country!

The bluebonnets were prolific along the roadside west of Ft. Worth on the way to Granbury. 
Did I tell you about the couple down by Brennan who mow the shape of Texas out in their front yard and plant it with bluebonnets every year?  
Yeah, that's Texas pride for all you "foreigners" !

There were fields and fields of these yellow wildflowers mixed in with the Indian Paintbrushes and bluebonnets on I-20 East.

Granbury is one of Texas' most unique and playful destinations.

But I must admit, I went there, not for events and festivities, but to see dear friends and their unique home nestled among century old live oaks in the old downtown Granbury neighborhood.

This is Vicki and Jerry.  She's been my friend since 7th grade. 
Jerry built this house himself as well as several others in the neighborhood.
The large space with windows houses a large kitchen and great room and was added on to the original two bedroom house.
The front porch leads up to this wonderful arched door that opens into the great room/kitchen. 

The ceiling of the porch was constructed of reclaimed lumber.  I love that some of remnants of old paint finishes remain.  Jerry is a avid recycler, so using the reclaimed wood as well as the front door, also recycled, allows him to do his part for the planet as well as have a good story to share!

The showpiece of the great room is the wonderful dining space graced with the antique chandelier which was rescued from obscurity back in the early 1950's when Highland Park Methodist Church in Dallas was remodeled.  These chandeliers were dispursed to parishioners who wanted them.

Vicki and Jerry have visions of Erroll Flynn swinging from above!

Vicki and Jerry are collectors.....Longaberger Baskets...

....antique toy trucks and marbles that decorate Jerry's closet!

...Toy guns and holsters....

.....old platters....which they use every day!

Vicki has only been in the house since October, but she was quick to finish up the bedroom. 
"Tidewater" by Sherwin Williams is the blue on the walls.  So pretty with all the brown on the floors and bedding.  The trunks at the foot of the bed are antiques.

I love the oval mirror next to the bed. 

The doors leading into the other bedroom were also rescued from a home renovation.  I love how they have kept them "au natural".  I love the old cast iron doorstop and the little secretary in the corner which display more family heirlooms.

Vicki is becoming quite the gardner so the "wellies" stay close to the back door.  So do the walking sticks, sun hat and painted bucket ready for fresh cut roses that climb on the exterior of the cottage out back.

The cottage has just recently come back to the couple since the renter left last month.  They have big plans for this precious space....new paint and plantings and of course, a rocker on the front porch...but more than that...a purpose!  Vicki, a certified grief counselor working with Hospice, plans to update the cottage and bring in grieving people to nurture and counsel.  What a place to find solace and relief.
Again, the windows and door have all had a former life in homes of the past, as have the stone steps and gingerbread detailing on the porch.

Saturday afternoon was spent shopping and sight-seeing in Granbury....the home of...

....unique boutiques....

...Quaint Bed and Breakfasts....

....and the headstone of Jesse James.....word is he may not really be buried there, but you gotta love a place that puts a headstone up anyway!

Thanks Vicki and Jerry, for a wonderfully relaxing and engaging weekend in your home.

....oh, and thanks for corrupting me with the tequilla shots!!


  1. It looks as if you had a wonderful time visitng your friend Vicki. I loved the road trip seeing all the bluebonnets. We don't have that in Calif only Calif poppies and you know they are orange so I would much rather see fields of your wonderful bluebonnets. Vicky and Jerry's home looks like a true home, warm and welcoming.Glad you are back safe and sound. Hugs Kathysue

  2. What a great road trip! You've inspired me to revisit Granbury and take in all its lovely charm and southern hospitality.

  3. I love the tour! The colors in the first picture are adorable. Some great shots!
    Hope your week is a lovely one so far. xo

  4. I have never been to Grandbury, but sounds like it would be a good girl trip. Looks like fun shopping. I know Vicki and loved seeing her house. What a good job she has done. The house is fabulous!


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