Thursday, August 5, 2010

The Amazing Ellen Holt

The Dallas Design District is a place full of world class showrooms, amazing fabrics and furnishings to delight designers and decorators from all over the world.

Tucked away in a vintage building across the street is a magical place where handmade passematerie are lovingly created one at a time, yard by yard.

The amazing Ellen Holt, master weaver and maker of amazing tassels, trims, braids and fringes is featured in my blog post today in

You'll be amazed and delighted with her story and her creations.   I hope you'll pop over and enjoy my post today.

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  1. Oh my goodness, she is going to give Scalamandre a run for their money!!! These are gorgeous! I will note her business in my file! Thanks for stopping by my blog, and enjoy the design bonanza!

  2. I've shopped with her before. She is truly amazing.

  3. Thanks for the introduction to Sally. While I live in so cal I did visit her online store to see some goodies. I have always had an unusual love for key tassels, dont ask me why, and hers are just beautiful.

  4. Such delightful little details! x


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