Monday, August 16, 2010

Where are you, Sally J?

It's official.
I have not died.  I am still here.
Let the posts continue!!

I'm sorry for being absent last week.  Some weeks just take the wind out of our sails, and such was the week I had. 

Do you do too much sometimes? Do you take on more than you should...mostly because you know you can? 

It made me start to think about how my design eye has changed over the years.  It's like I started out in the Victorian period...lots of stuff, lots of competition for what to look at...lots of busy-ness!

and like the Craftsman period that followed, I've needed to pare down and focus on the beauty of space and light and singular things that I love.

"Falling Water" house - Frank Lloyd Wright

Isn't that usually the way things go?  Especially in design, the pendulum doesn't swing slow.  It usually knocks us in the head as it's moving from one direction to another.  We get caught in the middle...not sure we're ready to leave the comfort of what we know, but ready for something new and exciting anyway.

As a designer, I never want my clients to be on the end of a trend.

Remember when this was new?  Oak cabinets, little blue flowered wallpaper and matching border?  How many homes built in the 80's go on the resell market still looking like this?

I think this is why we have so many painted kitchens these days.

Traditional Home Magazine

We go from dark to light, light to dark, cluttered to minimalist, curvy to straight lined, open to closed... etc, etc, etc.

So where in all the shuffling around do we find our own design aesthetic?
Is there ever a time when we stop chasing a trend and settle of what's "just right" for us?

Perhaps that's why we settle with "traditional" and "classic"....not because it's what we love so much, but because we just don't want to have to change it in 5 years.
This is beautiful.  We know that we can live with this for many years, and that pleases the husbands who can't believe what you spent to get this look. 

But is it US!

Do you wish to get on the Mid-century train for just a little while?

Kasey McCarty, Interior Designer

Or pehaps you'd like to visit the 60's again.  (Having lived with it the first time, I'm not sure I can do it, but Jonathan Adler is a master at it !)

Jonathan Adler

I have great remembrances of the Bohemian look from the 70's, and there's a large part of me that embraces that look even today.

Better Homes and Gardens

I am really in awe of people, designer and clients alike, who are sure of what they love.  They are sure of themselves enough to plant themselves firmly in one camp or another, regardless of trends and current styles.

That can be good and bad.

In the meantime, where I'm living today, I'm loving being here....

Lisa Caldwell Flake, Interior Designer

and here.....

Emily Walker, Interior Desiger

and even here.

Rod Mickly, Interior Designer

They say that life is a journey,

And so is design.


  1. People ask what I will do when I'm done with my home, sell? Ha, I'll just start many wonderful ideas and styles to explore over time! Janell

  2. GM Sally, Great post!! Makes one stop and think. I guess I am a stick in the mud, I have pretty much the same design aesthetics I have always had, I tweek it to keep it fresh but I think I have only added to its look by trying to freshen it up not change the feel. The feel of my home is actually more important to me than the look, does that make sense. Whenever I do something new, my first ?? is does it feel like me?
    Loved this post. It sounds like you are on the cusp of a new and wonderful change in your life, love it, keep moving forward I always say,Kathysue

  3. Dear Kathy, You, of all people, are not a stick in the mud! You're one of those happy, rare people who have figured out who they are and what they love! I long to be there with you!
    Yes, I think change is in the air. Where? That I'm not sure of!

  4. Enjoyed your last post and with regard to this one...I can relate so much!!! I truly do think design types have something in their DNA that keeps the wheels churning all the time!!!

    Plus, I think with awareness and access to so many amazing options, we know something beautiful and fantastic is always within reach!

  5. Yes, design is forever a journey! I love traditional and not trendy!

    New to your blog, beautiful! I found it through, Uncommon slice of suburbia.


  6. Great post! Really, you hit the heart of where I have been camped lately. I have always loved beautiful things and been very sure of my design aesthetic. always open to change, forever editing, but not chasing trends. Preferring timeless design and I still do. However, with that being said blogging has my head in a spin. Maybe it's too much information. I have always followed the shelter magazines and love, love good design books but all of a sudden I'm afraid I'm going to miss something if I don't check out every blog. There becomes SO much repetition that a trend I would normally overlook because I saw a few images and was not interested all of a sudden I see it over and over again until my mind starts to tell me maybe I'm wrong. Maybe I should embrace it and I'm just out of it. Then I will see images that I really do love because they make me feel something and then I calm down and tell myself I still have it. Are you relating to this at all, or have I just been blogging too much and need to get some rest???

  7. I have some serious splir personalities when designing for myself.. I just stick to clean lines and keep the color palette cohesive and somehow it works! LOVE that living space by Kasey McCarty - off to explore a porfolio.. Hope your week is a bit more leisurely than last :)

  8. Sally, you read
    my mind! I have
    a split personality
    when it comes to
    design; I love it
    all! And, too funny,
    we had that exact
    white tile-topped
    table in our '90's
    kitchen! I loved
    it, though, and only
    parted with it when
    we needed something
    bigger. All great
    thoughts to ponder.
    Hope you are enjoying
    a beautiful week!
    xx Suzanne

  9. Great have done well studying your history of design. I am afraid that trellis prints and neon colors are definitely going to date a house in just a few years and we will all be saying "That is SO 2010!" But that is the fun of design as well, laughing at past trends. Again, well written, informative and beautiful...what more could we ask for from a blog?!

  10. I really enjoyed this tour of design styles past and present! Great post!

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  12. So true. I do find myself looking to the traditional all the time, in fear of jumping on the latest trend and having to redo my entire home in for next year. That's why I generally like to keep furnishings classic and spice it up with a accessories and fabrics. Great post, I love posts that make me think =)

    xo Linda


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